Apartment Decorating: How to Create a Dual-Purpose Room

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Apartment decorating can become quite interesting when you’re trying to create a dual-purpose room. Usually, this type of room is well-suited for anyone living in a studio apartment. With a studio, you obviously are limited on the amount of space you can use so you want to make the most of each square foot. Therefore, creating a dual-purpose room is almost a necessity. The following tips can help you create a dual-purpose room, whether or not you live in a studio.

Wall Colorization – Designating Spaces

If you want to use part of a room, say, as an office, then it’s a good idea to make it clear that you have set aside a designated area for that purpose. The easiest way to do this is to position your desk, computer and chair along a wall that is colored differently from the other walls in the room you’re decorating. For example, you may choose to colorize your walls in a neutral shade of beige with a green accent wall. Set up your office space along the green wall to distinguish it from the rest of the living area.

Use Rugs to Set Boundaries

You can also set boundaries in your dual-purpose room by using rugs. For example, if you have an exercise bike in a part of your studio, place a rug underneath it to set it apart from the remainder of the room. If you have a grouping of chairs with a coffee table, for instance, use a rug between the chairs and coffee table to designate the carpeted spot as an area that is separate from the remainder of the room.

Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

If you want your room to serve more than one purpose, then you also need to buy furniture that is designed to be used for more than one reason. For instance, you might want to include a coffee table that provides storage or you may want to add a daybed that can be used as a couch during the day and for sleeping at night. In fact, a daybed is one of the best furnishings to include in a dual-purpose room, such as a studio, as it’s totally versatile.

Use Open Shelves to Separate Areas

Open shelving is a wonderful way to separate the activities that take place in a dual-purpose room. Plus, shelving provides a practical means for storage too. For example, don’t use the shelves for the sole purpose of storing books. Place plants, magazines, CDs, DVDs on the shelves too. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are especially nice for creating separate spaces while still maintaining an open feel.

Make Use of Tables

You can use a table for more than one reason in a dual-purpose room. For example, buy a light, rattan table and two chairs for eating. Because it’s lightweight, you can also use the table as a type of desk too. Take advantage of tables, especially ones that don’t weigh much as they can be used for side tables, bedside tables, craft tables, dining tables or desks.

Make sure that the colors harmonize in your room and that the furniture works well together too. A dual-purpose room is not only practical, it makes decorating more fun and challenging too.

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