Apartment Decorating: DIY DVD Storage Units

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Apartment decorating is how you can show off your style as well as keep yourself organized. Unfortunately, many organizational products and units can be quite expensive or too large so that they do not fit in the space you have available. DVD storage units often fall into this category, making their purchase unreasonable because they simply will not work well. Below are options for do-it-yourself DVD storage units.

Measure the Space and Items to Be Stored

Believe it or not, because of a DVD’s small size, building a shelving unit for their storage is not complicated. The first step in building such a unit is to measure the space intended for its use. Measure not only the width and length, but also the height and depth of the unit. These measurements will enable you to purchase the correct amounts of wood and other necessary materials. Next, as ridiculous as it might seem, measure the size of a DVD box. The height and length of a DVD box are necessary measurements to make sure that your shelving unit will properly hold DVD’s.

Keep in mind that a DVD shelving unit can be extremely narrow and tall or low and wide, depending on your tastes and the size of the available space. A low and wide shelving unit can also be used as a television stand.

Purchase Needed Materials

At a minimum, your shelving unit will require four pieces of plywood or other thinner pieces of wood for the frame and smaller pieces for the actual shelves. If you are experienced in woodworking, you may be able to purchase a single piece of wood and cut it into the required sizes yourself. However, the experts at your local home improvement store will be able to cut the wood into appropriate sizes according to your measurements. For this reason, it is important to take your measurements with you when shopping.

You will also need a means to fasten the wood together, such as a nail gun, drill and screws. Screws may be the easiest and cheapest option. Stay away from using wood glue, as this will not create as sturdy a unit as screws or nails will.

Prepare the Wood

Prior to fastening the pieces of wood, sand any rough edges to prevent future injury or building problems. Additionally, if you wish to stain or paint the wood, now is the time to do so. Make sure that each piece dries thoroughly prior to beginning building.

Fasten the Pieces Together

Now, you’re ready to build the unit. First, lay out all four pieces in the desired shape. If you are using a drill, now is the time to mark and drill the holes for the screws in the appropriate place. Next, fasten one side to either the top or the base and repeat with the other side and remaining end. At this juncture, you should have two fastened sides. Next, adjoin all four sides together and stand the unit upright to make sure it is stable. If you are attaching a backboard to the unit, now is the time to do so. For the backboard, lay the unit down again and attach the plywood to the back, making sure to aligning it prior to inserting each nail or screw.

Insert the Shelves and Attach Doors

The next step is for you to attach the shelves at appropriate intervals. Use L shaped brackets to fasten them invisibly and sturdily. Lay the unit on its back for the easiest attachment. After the first shelf, ensure that you attached it at the appropriate height by inserting a DVD and checking that it fits in the space. Subsequently, attach the other shelves at the same height using the same method. It is advisable to check each shelf’s height by inserting a DVD.

The last step in building your unit is for you to attach any cabinet doors you may have purchased. The cabinet door fasteners will most likely contain directions for their connection, but if not, ask the experts at the store of their purchase for advice. Make sure to check that the fastener and doors are even with a level.

Building a shelving unit for your DVD’s can be as complicated or easy as you wish. No matter what, though, take time in measuring and planning prior to beginning building to make the job easier.

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