Apartment Decorating: Avoiding Trends

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Apartment decorating can be a lot of fun and shopping for all the new decorations should be a big part of that fun. When shopping for the new decor items, try to avoid decorating trends that are sure to not last long. Trends can be fun but expensive furniture items are not the place to waste money staying trendy. Smaller accessory items can be used to add in the current trends. Consider the color and style of items and whether they are items that are part of a short lived trend or will be a long lasting style.

Choosing Neutral Colors

Neutral colors should be used for walls and the main pieces of furniture. Items that you plan on keeping for many years to come should not be purchased in the season’s popular color choice that will be out of style by next season. Choose sofa and chairs in a neutral color and then use throw pillows and blankets in the current colors to add in the current trends if desired. Walls should also be kept in a somewhat neutral color and then add in pieces of artwork or accessories to add punches of color. Cheaper accent pieces that can easily be replaced are where you will want to add in the latest trends if necessary.

Decorate Your Rooms Cohesively

Shopping for new furniture and accessories makes it easy to get caught up in the moment and buy many items that you fall in love with, without thinking about how they are going to fit together in to a room cohesively. Purchasing many trendy items for a room can be a mistake, it may cause the room to be overwhelming and busy. Remember to think of the room as a whole, start with the basics in neutral colors and styles and then add in a few extra touches here and there that will complete the room.

Choose Comfort Over Style

Whatever style you like whether it is antique or modern, choose pieces that are comfortable if you plan on having them for a long time. Some styles may look very trendy and cool but choosing something like dining room chairs based on a trend will be a big regret if you have a sore back after the first few times you use them. Choose items that are going to make the apartment feel like home and allow you to relax. Uncomfortable items purchased only because of the latest trend will be a big mistake.

Choose Timeless Designs

Funky pieces that are the latest trend may make you feel like you have the hippest apartment on the block but that purchase will be quickly regretted when the fad fades and will then mark your apartment as outdated and out of style. Flooring, walls and all the basic pieces of furniture should be purchased in a timeless style that will be around for years to come. Beds, for example, are an expensive item and there are plenty of long lasting styles to choose from. Bed linens are more easily replaced and can be used to add in style and color.

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