All Moved In? What to Unpack First

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You have signed the lease, placed all the utility deposits and your the hard things are moved in. Now comes the task of unpacking. When starting out on this task, there are a few boxes that should be priority.

Kitchen Necessities

While not everything in the kitchen will take top priority, there are a few items that will need unpacked first. Plates, silverware and glasses are a must. A few pots and pans will need to be on hand as well. Few accessories such as kitchen knives and appliances such as a can opener will be required. Having a few trash bags on hand will help the unpacking situation, ensuring that the trash can be put immediately up instead of adding to the mess of boxes.

Bedroom and Bathroom

When trying to unpack bedroom items, such things as pillows and blankets would be an obvious choice. Such toiletries like toothbrushes, hairbrushes and personal hygiene items should be at the top of the list.

Cleaning Supplies

Even if the apartment appears to be spotless, giving it a once over wouldn’t hurt. Brooms, mops and tub and tile cleaners are recommended to use upon entering the apartment.

Child’s Play

If children make up part of the family, it is always a good idea to unpack a few of their tows, blankets and such upon first arrival. This will help settle the child as well as give him something to do while the unpacking continues.

Odd and Ends

Blinds and curtains are important to unpack early on as well. Ensuring privacy in your new apartment is something to do from the first days of moving in. A radio will be a tool used to provide some noise while working. Clocks and towels are other miscellaneous items that should be at the top of the list.

While most people hurry to get boxes unpacked and become settled into a new place, picking and choosing the essentials is important. By having what you need already unpacked, time will be saved. Use the time that would have been spent digging through boxes to find certain items to unpack and put away items.


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