Affordable Mantelpiece Decor

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There are many options for choosing a mantelpiece decor. However, not all options are affordable. Here are some ways to decorate your fireplace, and still have money leftover for the rest of your living room decorating:


A framed painting or drawing on your mantel is a classic mantelpiece decor idea that you can try. You don’t have to buy an expensive piece of art. There are many ways to keep it affordable:

  • Use one that you, or a family member created
  • Check garage and estate sales
  • Find prints at your local flea market

The deal are out there if you look for them. Take your time and find artwork that complements the colors in your living room.

Candle Holders

Major department stores, supermarkets and even dollar stores carry candle holders as a part of their home decor selection. You can find one with unique designs at very affordable prices, from traditional candle-holders to contemporary. Add the right colored candles that match your mantelpiece decor, and you’ll have an elegant looking fireplace. You should also select candles of various shapes and sizes that will make a statement on your mantel even when they’re not lit. If you don’t want to draw that much attention to your candles, go with the more subtle option of glass holders and long candles.


A simple and plain choice for your mantelpiece decor is a clock on the wall above the fireplace. You can choose a great clock to complement your living room decorating theme. Wall clocks are all very affordable and you can find them in most stores. You can choose the traditional round clock, or find more create shapes and designs. You can even get creative with the material that the clock is made from. If the clock is the main decorative item for your mantel, try to find one that you and your guests will enjoy looking at, and consider how much noise it would make in the room.


An affordable way to decorate your fireplace is just to transfer some of your books from your bookcases and shelves to the mantel. Don’t just throw your paperbacks on it. Select your best hardcover books and use them to fill one or both ends of the mantel. You can stack them on top of each other, or use book ends as you would on a shelf. Pick titles that would be interesting to visitors and that would generate conversation. Think about what you would want them to pick up and look at that will make them curious about you. 

With these simple ideas you can have a mantelpiece decor that’s affordable and easy. Keep in mind when you decorate your fireplace, that your mantel will be the focal point of your room. Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap-looking. Put your best foot forward by selecting items that can give your guests a good impression.

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