A Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Window Curtains

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Window curtains are a great accent in a room, and by replacing them you can really change the look of a room in one easy step. Replacing window curtains is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project that should take no time at all. You may decide to replace window curtains when redecorating a room, to add a new accent in the room or maybe the old curtains have just faded over time. You will need a step ladder, new curtains, a measuring tape and possibly a screw driver if replacing the hardware.

Shopping for New Curtains

Before going shopping for new curtains take some measurements of the window that you will be replacing the window treatments on. Measure the width and the height of the window. Choose a fabric that will go well with the remainder of the room. Choose curtains that are at least as long as the length measurement . They can be as long as down to the floor if you want to make the window appear longer. Also choose curtains wider than the width measurements because the hardware will be mounted on the outside of the window. Decide how much you want the curtains to be gathered or if you want them stretched taut. Base the width of the curtains you purchase on this, often you will want to purchase curtains twice as wide as the window in order to have room for them to gather nicely.

Removing the Old Curtains

Start by removing the old curtains using a step ladder. If you are also replacing the window hardware you will need to remove that as well. Window hardware should be mounted several inches outside the window in order for the curtains to be able to cover the entire window. If you are not replacing the window hardware then you can simply slide the curtain rods apart in order to remove the old curtains.

Hanging New Hardware

Hanging new window hardware can be done by marking with a pencil where they should be attached. Use a level to mark on the opposite side as well. A stud finder can be used to locate studs if needed. Screw in the brackets on each end and the support bracket in the center.

Hanging the New Curtains

Regardless of if you have attached new window hardware or are using the old hardware the last step should be very easy. Curtains are hung differently depending on if they are tab curtains that hang directly on the curtain rod or have curtain rings that will slide on the rod. Slide the curtain rods apart and slide on the curtains through the tabs or through the curtain rings. Pull them to the sides to completely cover the window and then adjust them to hang evenly gathered all the way across. You can use fabric ties that match the curtains to gather the panels to the side when allowing light in or you can attach metal tiebacks to the wall to tuck the curtains behind.

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