A Guide to Cheap, Yet Functional Apartment Lighting

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Apartment lighting is key to providing a functional and relaxing living environment. You don’t have to break the bank to find ones that will provide you with the lighting that you need. There are many cheap, yet functional options that can work in almost any apartment. You have to make the distinction between decorative lighting options that may cost you more, and functional ones.

Floor Lamps

Add style to any apartment decor with floor lamps. They are functional in that they can provide more than enough lighting for a room, and many are inexpensive to buy. Some floor lamps are expensive, and are geared towards luxury apartments and homes. They are more for showing than they are for function. Stick to basic floor lamps that light up the room. You can find them online, at department stores, or at moving sales. Keep an eye out for clearance sales, especially during the summer months, and take advantage of discount prices.

Table Lamps

You can set table lamps on end tables to use for reading, knitting, watching a DVD or enjoying some other activity on the couch. The concentration of light in the area around the end table is effective. You don’t have to light up the entire room, and you can save energy in the process. Like floor lamps, table lamps are widely available, and are even more common than floor lamps. Check for them the same way you would floor lamps. You can also find them at thrift stores.

Desk Lamps

A must-have in your apartment office or other work area is a desk lamp. Typing in the dark can strain your eyes, and using a desk lamp prevents that. It’s especially useful to have if you’re sharing a room that also has the desk where you do all of your work. Rather than turn on the room light, you can turn on the desk lamp to get your work done. You can find full spectrum desk lamps and ones with an organization base, to store pens, sticky notes and other supplies. A desk lamp is one of the must-haves for apartment lighting if your study or work from your apartment.

Wall Lamps

If you need to save space on floors and tables in certain rooms, then consider using wall lamps. They are easy to mount and use, and you can direct them to shine in specific sections in the room. Many of them operate more like a spotlight than a traditional lamp. One problem you’ll face using these is that you’re going to create holes in the wall. That’s not too bad a problem if you know how to refill those holes, and if you limit the amount of wall lamps you use. You need to know that up front though, because some landlords will consider it as damage to the walls and deduct money from your security deposit.

A combination of all of these can suffice your apartment lighting needs. You can find them cheap if you look for sale and comparison shop.

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