9 Ways to Incorporate a Home Office into a Small Apartment

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Though you may fantasize about a home office with mahogany bookshelves, an executive desk, and plenty of storage for your files, this may not be possible for everyone—especially when you live in a small apartment.However, just because you lack the square footage does not mean that you can’t still have a designated space for work or studying. Here are nine ways to fit an office into a small apartment.

1. Use Built-ins for a Workspace

If you are blessed with built-ins in your apartment, use them to your full advantage. Prop your laptop open, add a comfy office chair, and utilize the rest of the shelving to store any files or books that you may need for the work that you will be doing.

2. Take Advantage of All Corners and Nooks

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Many apartments (particularly if they’re older) tend to have lots of nooks and corners that create awkward spaces with furniture. If you have a little nook or corner that isn’t being used to its full potential, use it as a makeshift office. All you need are some shelves and an office chair to turn the once unusable space into a productive area in your home.

3. Convert Dining Space Into Your Office

Even if you do have designated dining space in your apartment, think about how often that you are using it as it is intended. Are you having a proper dinner at the table every night or are you eating dinner on the couch watching Netflix (no judgment)? If you find that you are not using the space, use it for your office! Replace the dining table and chairs with a long desk that can also double as a dining table when your friends come over for a dinner party.

 4. Use the Dead Space Behind the Sofa

If your couch isn’t positioned right in front of the wall, then you may have a little space to play with behind it for an office setup. Sofa tables are ultra popular right now and would be the perfect spot for a laptop and a desk chair. The bonus part is that you can still use the sofa table to hold drinks or remotes while not in use as an office.

5. Turn a Closet Into an Office

Closet Home Office In Contemporary Family Home

Though this idea can be controversial in a small space that is already short on storage, a walk-in closet can be the perfect space to squeeze in another “room” when you are in a studio or one bedroom. Use built-in shelves (or add your own) for a proper desk and for storage, and replace the closet doors with curtains so that you can tuck a chair and yourself in for a solid day’s work. At the end of the day, close the curtains so that you can hide any mess and also so that you can allow yourself to distance from work while you’re relaxing at home.

6. Take Back Part of the Spare Room

Many small space dwellers do actually have a spare room, but it may be currently used as a child’s bedroom. Though you may not think that your kid’s bedroom is the optimal space for an office space, it could be more convenient that you have closer access to them (just think about how many times you have to get up throughout the day to see why it’s suddenly so quiet). To make the office space a bit more kid-friendly, choose a desk that’s in a bright hue or paint one to blend in more with the rest of the bedroom.

  7. Entertain the Entryway For Your Office

If your home has a decent-sized entryway, consider putting in a small office nook. An entryway lends itself to a great office space because it’s a perfect landing spot for bills and mail and is typically away from the television and the kitchen—two of the most distracting things in the house. If you don’t have room for a full desk, install a floating desk that you can pack up as needed to make more space for family coming in and out of the door.

8. Use Furniture That Can Double as a Desk

home office

When it comes to small living, you really need to make sure everything in your home is multi-functional. A bookshelf, an armoir, a china cabinet, a large nightstand, or an entertainment stand can all function doubly as an office space. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but make sure that it’s a comfortable use of space.

9. Try a Moveable Desk

When you need a truly flexible office space, consider purchasing a rolling desk cart. Place the cart anywhere as needed during the day and move it when it’s not in use. This is the perfect solution for those who entertain a lot and need to move the furniture at a moment’s notice to accommodate guests.

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