9 Essential Gadgets for the Modern Home Gym

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A young woman working out her abs with her Stealth Core Trainer.

To get a good workout in 10 years ago, you had to traipse to a local gym, hope the equipment you needed was available and in working order, and then pack up all your stuff and trudge back home. Today, thanks to incredible advances in home gym technology, you can have a great workout suited to your specific goals and needs in the comfort and privacy of your living room — and all without those bulky machines that take up space and interrupt the flow of your décor.

Arc-Nrg PushUp

Concentrating on over five important muscle clusters all at once, the ARC-NRG PushUp system is based on a common, comprehensive regime. The major secret to this gadget is the adjustment it makes to your bodyweight whenever you try to control the resistance. This easy adjustment feature lets you get maximum benefits to whatever area of your body you want by concentrating the pushups on your chest, arms, core, back, and/or shoulders.

BodyBoss 2.0

Ever gaze at that massive assortment of equipment at the gym and wish it could all magically be combined into one groundbreaking apparatus that did it all? BodyBoss 2.0 technology comes close to making that daydream a reality. It’s a portable gym that not only delivers the same results as all the massive machines and equipment, but it also includes interactive technology with access to superlative workouts, private classes, live trainers, and endless motivation. Plus, its compact design is ideal for long-term travel and quick weekend getaways.


Can’t get away from work? Tied to your desk from dawn to dusk? DeskCycle by 3D Innovations lets you work at your computer while you quietly pedal your way to a better frame of mind and improved overall health. Its smooth, noise-free construction won’t disturb those surrounding you, and you can say goodbye to those aching joints brought on by hours of sitting in a chair.


Recent studies have reported that lack of activity (i.e. sitting at a desk all day) is a major deterrent to good health. Everyone knows that you should walk around for five to 10 minutes once an hour when you’re desk-ridden, but few follow through on the directive. Officiser solves the dilemma of inactivity by simulating activity through an innovative, patent-pending footrest. This gadget appreciably increases your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis), too, which is vital for good health even if you adhere to a conventional daily workout.

Portable Pullup Dip Bar

So much more than just a piece of tubular metal, a portable pullup bar can be used inside, outside, and pretty much anywhere else there’s a wall, tree, or sturdy post. Used to its fullest potential, it can give your body a full workout, but you can always just concentrate on specific problem areas. Dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups, leg raises, and any other exercise you depend on to keep you in shape can be easily executed with the super-sturdy Portable Pullup Dip Bar.

ProForm Thinline Treadmill Desk

Man working and running on his new ProForm Thinline Treadmill Desk.

Work out your mind and body simultaneously with the ProForm Thinline Treadmill Desk. An invention that certainly took too long to get to market, this gadget combines a senior-level desktop with a flawless running machine so you can work out your body while burning through projects, reports, and other work-related tasks. Since you’ll be exercising all day, your evenings will be totally free for any activity you’ve been missing out on while at the gym.

Smart Rope

Ah, the wonders of technology never fail to amaze and amuse. Smart Rope is a high-tech jump rope with embedded LEDs that interact with your smartphone. Imagine seeing all your fitness information written out in midair before you, including the number of calories you’ve burned, your jump count, and periodic training data. Yes, the rope’s air display is so clear and concise that it can easily be read even in the brightest of sunlit rooms.


With minimal effort, Stealth turns core training into a fun game that’s quick and amazingly effective. In fact, it only takes three minutes (about the same amount of time it takes to wash up and brush your teeth each morning). It’s as easy as downloading the Stealth gaming app on your smartphone, inserting the phone into the Stealth plank, and selecting a game. From there, all you do is strike the plank position and start strengthening your core.

Stow Fitness

Nothing beats working out in the sanctuary of your home, but as we’ve already mentioned, no one wants all the bulky equipment on display 24/7. Stow Fitness has launched a cozy armchair to solve this problem, with enough room to easily store a weight bench or spin bike inside. Your crucial workout equipment will be out of sight when your routine is finished, leaving you lots more living space to enjoy.

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