8 Drywall Painting Tips

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Drywall painting is tricky, and you want to get the go ahead from your landlord beforehand. Once you get written permission to paint, you need to buy a few supplies to complete the job:

  1. Drywall sealer
  2. Paint brushes and rolls
  3. Enough paint for two coats

Follow these 8 drywall painting tips for the best results.

1 – Keep Drywall Surface Clean

Take the time to clean the drywall you’ll paint before you start. Remove dirt and grease, and check the kitchen walls especially. Allow time for the walls to dry thoroughly. Avoid painting on days when it’s humid, so that moisture doesn’t build up on the walls again.

2 – Use a Primer

You’ve probably used a primer in past paint jobs. However, don’t use one for painting the drywall in your apartment. Use a drywall sealer instead of a primer. The surface of drywall is porous, and the sealer does a better job of absorbing the drywall’s textured surface and ensuring a seal. If you can buy a primer-sealer, that’s even better.

3 – Apply Stain Covering Coat

You may not be able to get rid of stains on the walls by cleaning. You’ll need to apply a stain killer before painting, so that your paint doesn’t appear off color.

4 – Wear Protective Clothing

Some people don’t like to bother with this aspect of painting, but it’s important to be well dressed for the job. Dust, chips and fibers will come off during drywall painting jobs, and you don’t want any of it to get in your eyes. It’s an even worse situation if you’re an allergy sufferer or have asthma. Wear a mask, goggles and clothing that covers your entire body, including arms and legs.

5 – Spray and Roll

For the best look, spray paint the drywall first, and then use a roller to finish it. It’s a faster way to apply two coats of paint, and increases the chance that your walls will look uniform. Enlist your family or roommate to help, and assign one person to use the roller and the other to spray paint.

6 – Fill Nail Holes

If you don’t fill in your nail holes after you take down artwork or other items on your walls, it will show up and make the walls look horrible. Fill those in first, so that your walls look smooth after painting.

7 – Sand before Painting

Some walls need to be sanded before painting, especially if they’re damaged or impacted in some way. Fine grade sanding paper works well for most jobs. Lightly sand the walls, while wearing your goggles for eye protection.

8 – Use the Best Paint Possible

Eggshell paints work better than most other options. It’s even better if you use a latex based paint as your first coat, and apply an eggshell paint as your top coat. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t get marked up as easily. Satin would be the next best choice if the drywall you’re painting is in excellent condition. Your landlord will appreciate this, and so will you when it’s time to move out and claim your security deposit.

The toughest part of drywall painting is achieving an even look. Follow these tips and you will be pleased with the results.

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