7 Tips for Packing Mirrors

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There are many tips for packing when getting ready for a move. Sometimes certain household items are helpful and sometimes it is best to spend some money to save money on potential damage later on. One of the more difficult items to pack is a mirror. Not only are they delicate but if it breaks there is always that seven year bad luck superstition hanging over one’s head.

1. X Marks the Spot

The very first step is to take some masking tape and put several pieces in an X shape across the front of the mirror. This will protect it from shattering if dropped and could help protect the frame if, unfortunately, you may have to replace the mirrored glass.

2. Mind Your Corners

If the mirror does not have an ornate frame and simply has four ninety degree corners it is best to cut cardboard to fit those corners or purchase corner protectors at a frame shop or local mover.

3. Wrap It Wise

First, cut two pieces of cardboard to fit about a half an inch over the front and back of the mirror. Find old towels or sheets and gently wrap the mirror and the cardboard in them. Secure the linens with a wrap around of packing tape. Bubble wrap can do the same job and can be found at Staples, your local post office or a local mover’s storefront.

4. Styrofoam

Styrofoam is great for packing mirrors. After the initial steps above cutting two pieces of Styrofoam equal to the prior cut cardboard and securing them around the linens or bubble wrap with tape creates an excellent buffer.

5. Purchase Your Packing

There are many excellent materials for purchase when packing a mirror. Although they are usually much more expensive than improvised home use items, they often work just as well if not better. As mentioned above, bubble wrap and Styrofoam are good buys. However, a telescoping box is made solely for use when moving a mirror. This item will custom fit any size mirror by opening to the exact width and/or height of the item. Polyethylene foam is an ingenious way to place your mirror in a perfectly fitting space. This foam molds to the mirror on both sides and practically guarantees a safe move.

6. Label

In the throes of a hectic move most folks forget to label properly due to exhaustion, time constraints or just plain forgetfulness. This can cause the end of a move to be even more exhausting. Make sure the mirror is labeled “FRAGILE”, “GLASS”, “MIRROR” or all three. Label on all sides including the edges as this will make it easy to identify during packing, stacking and removing inside a truck. Including the location of the mirror labeled on the box is helpful as well.

7. Do Not Lie Down

Lying your mirror down when packing into a truck, garage or attic is a sure way to have it break. A mirror cannot take any pressure and should always be placed on its side with nothing stacked on top. Also be careful not to jam too many items on either side as this can also act as if the mirror were lying down and cause damage.


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