7 Smartphone Apps that Make Home Improvement Easier

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Home improvement is never as simple as it seems, and sometimes we need all the extra help we can get. Thanks to our smartphones and tablets, we now have a ton of information at our fingertips — including websites, articles, and apps dedicated to home improvement.

Whether you can barely hang a picture frame or you think of yourself as quite the handyman, everyone can use an extra hand every once in a while. When you’re in the middle of a project that you can’t quite figure out, these seven handy smartphone apps can sure make things easier, and a bit more fun.

Let’s go over a few stellar apps that were specifically made to help you out around the house.

iFixit: Repair Manual

The iFixit: Repair Manual is perfect for those of us who would rather try and fix something ourselves before hiring a pro to do the job. This app (available for Android) gives users access to in-depth guides on common household appliances, furniture pieces, and electronics. The guides will tell you what tools you need to fix each object, give you step-by-step instructions on how to tear something apart, and alert you of the best places to find replacement parts for whatever you’re working on.

Have some home improvement knowledge you’d like to drop on others? You can also write your own guides for people to use on the app, helping them fix their broken lawn mowers, bikes, and tablets one click at a time.


The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap app, available on both iPhone and Android devices, is here to help you solve that ever-puzzling question: “What color would look good in this room?” On the app, you can scroll through all the thousands of color swatches that Sherwin-Williams has available, look into coordinating colors, and match Sherwin-Williams paint swatches to the colors in any photograph — whether it’s a poster of a band you love or a photograph of an Italian villa that you captured on your last vacation.

Ruler 2

Ever needed a measurement but couldn’t for the life of you find your tape measure? The Ruler 2 app for iPhone is useful for exactly those moments. Thanks to it’s pointer feature, this app can accurately gauge the length of any wall, piece of wood, or other item that needs to be measured. On top of that, it also saves all of your measurements, which can definitely come in handy during those moments when you can never seem to remember what the measurements for that bedroom wall are.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Not everyone knows exactly what’s needed to take a room from boring and beige to comfortable and chic. Luckily, the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app, available for both iPhone and Android, is here to serve as the inner designer in all of us. This free app helps you discover new products, visualize them virtually in your home, connect with home improvement professionals, and even get advice from and discuss projects with fellow DIYers and home improvement gurus.

The app has gotten consistently glowing reviews from publications like The Washington Post and The New York Times and is considered to be one of the very best home improvement apps out there.

iHandy Carpenter

You may already have a tool belt, but what could be better than a complete set of tools that fits in your pocket? The iHandy Carpenter app, available for both iPhone and Android, combines five tools in just one little app, including:

  • A plumb bob to help you determine the verticality of lines and walls
  • A surface level
  • A bubble level
  • A steel protractor
  • A steel ruler that measures in both centimeters and inches

This easy-to-use app will single-handedly solve all of your measuring and leveling issues.


When you’re trying to calculate exactly where the center of the wall should be to hang up an artwork, or you’re trying to determine exactly how much space you would have on either side of the room if you ended up buying that new couch you had your eye on, your mind might be flashing back to the seventh grade, when you had to convert decimals into fractions all day long.

Take the guesswork — and frustration — out of this process and get inchCALC instead. inchCALC, available for iPhone, is a construction calculator that lets you add and subtract fractions without the messy inclusion of those pesky decimals. Your calculations will just be displayed in the units that make the most sense on the ruler.


Chances are you already have this iconic app downloaded on your phone, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it in our round-up. Pinterest, available for both iPhone and Android, is without a doubt one of the best home improvement apps out there, and it can connect you with so many DIY projects, blog posts, and best of all, eye candy and inspiration for your next project.

If you haven’t yet joined this social media platform/DIY haven, it’s about time you got started pinning!

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