7 Reasons Why You Should Move in With a Friend

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You are in this together

Let’s face it, sometimes renting an apartment can be a nightmare. You have to deal with a landlord, there is a lot of paperwork to arrange, not to mention the rules and the laws that you have to obey. Maintaining a rental property has its do’s and don’ts. You have not few responsibilities. There are things that you are not allowed to do. Having a friend to share the burden with and help you make the right choices can make the apartment living a nice endeavor.

Split the chores

Tasks such as washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, doing the laundry usually take a lot of time and frankly, nobody likes them. However, sharing these tasks with your buddy, they can be less unpleasant to do. For example, one of you may do the shopping and the other one may cook the dinner. You can dust the furniture; your friend can wash the windows. Next time, you can switch the roles. You will finish the chores much faster. And, doing the most daunting errands together may strengthen your friendship.

Joy is double

Living with a friend, you may have lots of fun day and night. Even if you are not in the mood to go out, you can spend amazing time together at home. Who says that you can’t have jolly time wearing your pajamas?

Furthermore, you will have twice more joyful moments as you will celebrate your friend’s achievements as well. You know what they say, “Shared joy is a double joy”.

Safe and comfortable

Usually, you trust someone with the small stuff first, and later when you know the person, you can trust them with the serious stuff. Sharing your home with a friend, you will feel much safer and comfortable at home. Even though, some experts advise to run a background check to confirm that your potential roommate doesn’t have a criminal past and problems with the law, still you cannot completely trust someone you have just met.

No need to pretend

Moving in with a person you barely know, although they have met your requirements to be the perfect roommate, you will have to be polite and courteous all the time to avoid creating tense. However, sometimes you are just not in the mood. You are anxious and noisy, feeling on the edge of a breakdown, you can lose your manners and the last thing you want is to try to pretend that you are fine, to be impeccable. Well, a friend who truly knows you and loves you will accept you with all your bad traits, they will understand you. A friend would know you that you are having a bad moment, going through hell and would excuse your bad manners.

Shrink at home

Of course, friends are not psychologists. And, I don’t want to belittle the work of these specialists. It’s just, it is already proven that telling your story to someone can be a great therapy. Sometimes, telling the things that bother you to a friend, you actually release yourself from them. Your friend may help you see the problem from a different angle, so you can find the solution you need. Pouring out your soul to a friend can make you feel better. After all, it is said that part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.


Charlotte Brontë says: “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” And, I couldn’t agree more. Actually, happiness does not equal to pleasure and joy. Happiness is the confidence that you are on the right track, the feeling that even though there may be hard times, you will do well. Happiness is the support you get when you feel down, without even asking about that support. Living with a friend, means that you will be happy all the time.

Some says that moving in with a friend is a bad idea; other says that it’s one of the best choices they have made. Who should you listen to in the end? Well, surely, you will argue and fight for important or less important things, but if you cope with the conflicts, you will deepen your friendship indeed. It’s kind of a test. Would you try it?

If you have decided to move in with a friend, then, you are more probably undertaking the next step – the move itself. If you are wondering how to do the whole moving job, Moving.Tips can guide you through it.

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