7 Materials that a Moving and Storage Company won’t Handle

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There are certain materials you need to get rid of prior to moving, because a moving or storage company won’t handle them. Knowing what these are can help you sort what you’ll need to ship, sell, give or throw away. You’ll also need to verify with your movers, what they will or won’t handle. Here’s a typical list.

1. Firearms & Ammo

A moving and storage company won’t handle any firearms or ammunition. They classify ammunition as hazardous material, and firearms as too dangerous to transport in storage containers. You’ll need an alternate plan for these if you own any.

2. Oil Lamps

You might enjoy your oil lamps, and use them for home decorating, but you’re going to have to leave them behind. These are flammable and could cause a fire during transportation. For this reason, a moving or storage company won’t handle oil lamps. The best thing to do is to include them in a moving sale or give them away to a friend.

3. Houseplants

You may get a “no” from your moving and storage company when it comes to transporting your houseplants. The risk of damage and death to your plant is too high, so they don’t want to risk paying you to replace them. Each moving company has a different plant policy, so it’s worth asking them about it. Make sure the movers include any additional transportation costs due to moving plants on your written estimate.

4. Firewood

It can be hard to give up the firewood you’ve been diligent about cutting down. Moving to an apartment should make it easy to give up though, because very few (if any) come with a woodstove. However, if you’re renting a unique apartment where you can use firewood, you have to start fresh. You may not be able to transport yours with a moving or storage company.

5. Household Cleaners

It’s good money management to want to hold on to your household cleaners to use on the other end of your move. However, moving companies won’t allow you to pack these because they’re flammable or hazardous. Plan to use them a month or two ahead of the move, and throw any that you don’t finish away. You’ll be putting the movers at risk if you try to pack them.

6. Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries can be expensive to replace if they’re rechargeable. In fact, you probably bought rechargeables so that you wouldn’t have to buy any more batteries. However, you can’t pack them for the move because moving companies won’t handle them. They can explode in storage containers and damage your personal belongings or others if the truck is transporting several goods.

7. Fireworks

A moving and storage company will not handle new or old fireworks. These are flammable and considered dangerous for transportation. You’ll have to get rid of them prior to the move.

If you have trouble getting rid of items that your moving or storage company won’t handle, consider giving them away for free. You can post free ads on www.Craigslist.com or www.FreeCycle.org.

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