7 Interior Paint Colors for Bright Spaces

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When a family or household is looking at upgrading the rooms of their home, interior paint colors are a big consideration. Advice, suggestions and tips on painting your apartment with interior design ideas fly about on the blogosphere and populate design magazines and publications. Here are some of the top interior paint colors people frequently talk about four designing bright spaces that will pop with color.

1. Pale Yellow

Lots of interior design experts warn that an intense or hard yellow can overpower a room. However, a light yellow can really provide a light, breezy atmosphere, especially considering sources of natural light in a room.

2. Burgundy or Maroon

These variants of light or dark “off-Reds” can be good for a space where designers are looking for a rich color without the harshness of a hard red. Much like hard yellows, intense reds and Crimsons can have radical effect on interior ambiance, even causing anxiety or raising blood pressure in some visitors.

3. Pastel Pink

A pink or lighter red is another option for subduing the potential effects of a hard red color. However, because of the aversion that many men have to the color pink, it’s a good idea to make this particular color choice a consensus-based process.

4. Peach or Light Rust

Orange is another color that many interior designers will tell customers to turn down for an interior space. A peach color or off our range is a great option for keeping some of the vibrant nature of orange without something that will give residents and visitors a headache. With rust, there is a similar need to tone down the color into something that resembles a tan or pale brown, rather than a full on “oxidized” hue.

5. White

White can be an effective color solution, particularly in a molding that goes around the room. Using white in conjunction with the above colors can be a popular design choice for creating a truly bright interior that can take advantage of natural lighting to provide a warm, invigorating experience. White can also be used as the bottom element of a wainscoting set up.

6. Light Green

Some versions of light green can also be good for Bright, natural looking spaces. However, this is one case where it really pays to check the exact tone of green against furniture and other elements of the interior design. It only takes a slight differentiation in the tone of greens to throw off the look of a design scheme.

7. Light Blue

While darker blues are another color some interior designers argue against, a lighter blue can be another way to brighten a space. Blue has generally been shown to be an appetite suppressant, so lots of experts caution against using it in a dining room or similar area, but the choice is entirely up to those who will be living with the colors every day.

All of these are viable choices for creating a space that the family can enjoy for the years ahead.

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