7 Gift Ideas for Apartment Neighbors

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A platter of colorful Christmas-inspired cookies.

Just like family, you can’t exactly choose your neighbors. Nonetheless, most neighbors can act as a helping hand when you’re in need of a screwdriver, a ladder, or simply a person to look after your place when you go out of town for the weekend. Even if you’re not best friends with your neighbors, the relationships you form with them can be crucial when you’re in a bind.

To show your appreciation for the neighborliest of neighbors, consider getting them a nice gift this holiday season. Unsure of what to give them? That’s okay. Here are seven ideas that you can’t go wrong with — and that won’t cost you too much during a time when it feels like you’re continually emptying out your wallet.

Baked Goods

Is there anything more classic than giving your neighbor a tin, platter, or box full of baked goods? Not only is this an inexpensive gift to give, but it’ll also get you in the holiday spirit by forcing you to bust out all your baking gear. Whip up some banana bread, bake up some cookies, or really flex your baking muscles by making a fruit cake. All you need to wrap up your baked goods is a nice box or some holiday-themed Tupperware, either of which you should be able to find at most any dollar store.

A Good Cheese/Charcuterie Plate

Who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? Help your neighbor out with a holiday party or simply give them a bougie snack to enjoy while watching cheesy Christmas movies by gifting them a carefully-curated charcuterie and cheese plate. Start out with a few varieties of your favorite cheeses, add in a couple different types of salami or ham, and top it all off with some nice mustard or jelly and a sleeve of fancy crackers. You could also choose to gift them a brand new tray or just pop everything on one that you already have. Just make sure to cover it with some plastic wrap!

DIY Sugar Scrub

Winter is unfortunately the time of year for chapped lips and rough, dry skin. Give you neighbor a little relief from that bitter cold with a DIY sugar scrub they can use to slough off the dead skin and give themselves a little luxury in the shower. All you need is some granulated sugar, olive oil, a few drops of essential oil, and a pretty little jar to put everything in. You could even make a couple of different types and then put a fancy label on each one for decoration. This gift is cheap, simple, and guaranteed to be a hit.

A Cookie Cutter Set

You may not know your neighbor very well, but you can pretty much bet on the fact that they enjoy a good cookie every now and then. Even if they don’t consider themselves much of a chef, it’s always good to have a few cookie cutters around the house in case they ever have a younger relative visit or get a cookie craving. Pick out a few of your favorite designs at the store and put them all in a decorative mason jar with a big red ribbon tied around it to make it look more festive. This gift is easy to throw together quickly and makes for a very sweet gesture to your neighbor.

A Holiday Wreath

Noticed that your neighbor doesn’t have anything festive on their door? Hook them up with a holiday wreath, which you can find at nearly any grocery or craft store. This is an inexpensive way to show that you care, and it’ll make your whole building look cheerier.

An Irresistible Candle

No matter who you are and how clean your apartment is, no one can resist a good smelling candle. They’re the perfect complement to a deep-cleaned apartment — and the antidote to a messy, cluttered apartment. They can also make your place feel cozy and warm during the winter months, which is something that everyone can get behind. Wrap up a couple of high-end candles for your neighbor to enjoy during this season of bitter cold. We guarantee that they won’t be disappointed.

An Easy-to-Care-for Plant

Various succulents and cacti arranged alongside one another in pots.

Your apartment complex may not allow pets, but there’s no reason your neighbor can’t have something else to take care of inside their home. Give them an easy-to-care-for plant to brighten up their space and purify their air. Some easy varieties include succulents, spider plants, peace lilies, Devil’s ivy, and pretty much any other plant that could be hung up near a window. Alternatively, you could give your neighbor a packaged herb garden, which will eventually yield them a slew of herbs to use while they cook.

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