7 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Apartment

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If you are beginner, it is a good idea to start with easy vegetables to grow. This will also be good because of your apartment situation. Some easy vegetables to start out with are ones that can grow in small spaces, such as containers and planters. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are easy to grow in containers and can be used in many recipes. Plant your tomatoes 1″ deep. One plant per pot is advised; that way your plants won’t get tangled. It will take a while before it starts producing tomatoes. Tomatoes need a spot where they’ll get full sun through most of the day. Other than that, maintenance only requires a little pruning, watering and adding more soil when needed.

2. Radishes

Radishes are possible to grow in a pot. Red radishes can be planted as soon as the ground thaws, and they grow fast. You’ll be able to start harvesting them as little as three weeks later. Dig some rich, loose soil, put it in a pot, and plant your seeds right away. Plant 12 radishes in an 8″ pot and plant them ¼ to ½ inches deep.

3. Lettuce

There are many kinds of lettuce. The easiest one to produce is looseleaf lettuce. It will be ready to harvest within 40 to 45 days. They are very suitable for hot weather because they won’t wilt. Plant seeds ¼” to ½” deep.

4. Collard Greens

Collards are another easy vegetable to grow in your apartment. Plant them early in the spring. If you are somewhere in the South, plant them between July and November for a winter treat. Sow them an inch deep in the soil. Grow one collard green plant per 8″ pot. It can be harvested from 75 to 90 days. If you want your plant to grow continually, don’t cut the whole thing off. Instead, take off the leaves that you need and keep the plant growing.

6. Turnips

Turnips can be harvested very quickly. Since turnips hate hot weather, it is recommended that you plant them in the early spring. They will be ready to harvest in 30 to 70 days. Plant your turnips a ¼” deep. In a very mild-wintered area you can plant them in the late fall and harvest them during the winter.

7. Peas

Peas are a very nourishing vegetable. They can be planted in wooden planters. Peas love well cultivated soil. The hotter the weather, the fewer peas you’ll get. Therefore it’s a good idea to start in the spring. Plant them 1″ deep and 7″ apart. Peas are a climbing plant, so you’ll need small poles or another support structure to help them grow.

These are several easy vegetables to grow in an apartment. You’ll want to choose vegetables that don’t take up a lot of space and that take only a short amount of time to mature.

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