7 Convertible Furniture Items to Consider

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Convertible furniture can be one of the best answers to fitting more of your living needs into a smaller apartment or housing space. If a single piece can serve more than one purpose, it will eliminate the need for additional chairs, couches, or storage and allow you to condense your belongings to fit the area you have available. So if you’re looking for any way to maximize space in your home, try decorating with some pieces of dual-use furniture to free up your square footage.

1. Foldout Sofa

Foldout sofas are the ultimate piece of convertible furniture—and they’ve come a long way since your mom and dad’s 90s rec room sofa bed. They have only gotten more comfortable and more modern over the years, to fit seamlessly into any home. They are a great way to make room for an overnight guest when you just don’t have an extra bedroom to spare. And they don’t take up any extra space when off duty.

2. Futon

The futon is a similar option for furniture that accommodates both seating and sleeping. Popular with college students and small apartment dwellers everywhere, the futon has a small, relatively portable wooden or metal frame with a cushion. It might not provide the best night’s sleep (and individuals with bad backs will often need the support of a mattress) but when space in an issue, a futon can really come in handy. A futon can also be a great piece to add to a guest bedroom that often serves as an office, as it doesn’t limit the space to being a 24/7 guest room.

3. Hideaway Bed

For those who want even more in versatile sleep options, the hideaway bed offers the possibility of actually stowing your bed in a vertical space, such as a wall, when it’s not in use. Studio apartments sometimes come with these space-saving items pre-installed. Though some renters consider hideaway beds to be inconvenient, it’s a prime way to save space in a smaller apartment. When shopping for a hideaway bed, ensure that you are able to easily take down and put up the bed—otherwise you’ll be asking for a lot of favors from neighbors and friends who can help you lift it.

4. Storage Bed

Another kind of bedroom space saver is a storage bed. Though they’re not exactly “convertible,” but they do provide a dual-use option for apartment residents. Drawers make use of the dead space under the frame and serves as additional storage space for things that you won’t need to use every day like winter coats, boots, or keepsake items like old yearbooks or journals. This is perfect for those renters whose square footage purchasing power doesn’t match the size of their wardrobe or for studio renters with limited closet space.

5. Combo Dresser

Whether you work from home or you just need a place to study in the evenings, finding office space in a small apartment can be difficult. A desk/dresser combo is ideal for making a small workspace without having to sacrifice any clothing storage. These pieces can tend to be a bit more expensive, but the storage savings can be worth it for the right item.

6. Cabinet Kitchen Island

For those households who can’t quite fit their cooking gear into their small space, a kitchen island creates both additional counter space and more drawers for all of the utensils you need to whip up your favorite dishes. A huge bonus is that kitchen islands have gotten extremely stylish in the last few years. You’ll likely be able to find a suitable option at low-budget furniture stores like IKEA or Target that will actually decoratively add to the space.

7. Convertible Coffee Table

Never again can you use the excuse “my place is too small to entertain” when you have a convertible coffee table. This piece has the ability to transform from a small ornamental size to a dining size with a flip-up design. All you need are a few chairs, some friends, and a great dinner to get great use out of this piece.

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