6 Simple Space-Saving Storage Strategies for Studios

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As a studio apartment renter, you need all the space saving storage ideas you can use. Try these 6 simple tips to help you create more space and live in a comfortable environment:

1. Under the Bed Storage Drawers

Bed drawers is a space-saving storage solution for clothes. You could put plastic tubs under the bed, but the drawers add a decorative feature. They can also eliminate the need for chest of drawers that take up too much space.

2. Closet Door Racks and Organizers

Use door racks for shoes, ties and other items that can hang or drop in pockets. These usually have much more hooks than the number of shoes you own (the normal purpose for it), and it would be a shame to let them go to waste. If it’s strong enough, you can hang the bookbag or purse you use everyday, instead of laying it on the couch or taking up floor space. Don’t worry about the intended use, as long as the rack can bare the weight of the items you put on it.

3. Cup Hooks

Studio apartments are not known for having much kitchen cabinet space. A simple space-saving storage strategy for the kitchen is the use use of cup hooks for mugs. Attach them inside the kitchen cabinets underneath a top shelf, or underneath the cabinet itself. Use the extra space to store other kitchen items, or to hideaway other things. Don’t store anything that would get damaged by water if the pipes leak, or make a kitchen fire worse.

4. Multiple Uses for Storage Solutions

One overlooked space-saving solution strategy is the use of storage solutions for other things as well. For example, fill rubber bins with out of season clothes and use that bin as a small table. You eliminate the need for another end table or small table, which saves you space. Another idea is to buy a set of stackable draws to store important papers and books, but also to use it as a telephone stand. This saves space on countertops or anywhere else you would have put the phone.

5. Suitcases and Luggages

Make use of the suitcases and luggages you used to move into your apartment. You can store clothing, but many other items as well. For example, pack extra canned goods and other long term food storage items that don’t fit in the kitchen. Electronics that you don’t plan to use immediately, such as an old computer desktop can go a luggage, if you pad it and store it carefully.

6. Refrigerator Tops

Don’t forget the space on top of your refrigerator to store things. Heavy or bulky kitchen appliances, like a microwave or rice cooker can be safely stored on top of the fridge.

Before trying any of these space-saving storage tips, go through all of your things and determine:

  1. what to keep
  2. what to sell
  3. what to give away and
  4. what to throw away

You’ll have more space when you get rid of the things you don’t need.

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