6 Required Tools for your Container Garden

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You need the right tools in order to plant your container garden. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, but you do have to hunt for the best prices you can get. Here’s a list of 6 tools to buy:

1. Planters

You’ll need planters for your vegetables and flowers. You can buy wooden planters or plastic ones with holes at the bottom to drain the water. You’ll want various sizes depending on what you’re growing. Check the directions on your seed packet or ask for help where you bought your plants as to how much space they need to grow. You should try to buy a nice assortment of planters that includes various shapes and sizes, so that your balcony or deck looks nice. If you work on arranging your planters, you’ll have a nice design as your container garden grows.

2. Spray Bottle

You may need to deal with pests in your container garden. An easy way to do this is to put sprays or solutions in a spray bottle. You can buy and label a few bottles to use for different plants. The dollar store or supermarket will have spray bottles that are inexpensive. Find ones with a spray nozzle that you can turn to close or open when you need it.

3. Watering Cans

Unless you have easy access to a water hose, you’ll need one or two watering cans for your container garden. Plants need water, and need it more often when they’re in containers. To save you many trips to and from your kitchen or bathroom sink, you should buy a large sized watering can. This will help you water the small to medium sized plants much easier.

4. 5-Gallon Buckets

To water large sized plants, such as potatoes and other vegetables, a 5-gallon bucket will save you a lot of trips. You can buy these at your local supermarket, or ask the bakery department to give you the ones they’re throwing away. You will have to wash the cake and doughnut icing off, but it’s worth getting a free bucket.

5. Hand Rakes

One benefit of a container garden is that you don’t have to do much to the soil, and the risk of weeds is greatly diminished. However, you may need a hand rake before you plant again to take out the weeds that have sprouted before the growing season. You should find one that is easy on the wrist so that you don’t hurt yourself.

6. Trowel

At some point in your gardening, you’ll need to transplant vegetables or flowers from one container to another. The best way to do this is to use a transplanting trowel. These have a wooden handle and a sharp steel scoop at the end so that you can dig in the dirt like a shovel. You can dig around a plant and remove it, and then use the trowel to dig a hole in the next planter to replant  it. Using your hands may waste time and won’t give you the best results.

With these tools on hand you can plant most things in your container garden. Everything else may be extra tools that you can live without. Therefore, take your time and add to your collection over time as your budget allows.

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