6 Money Saving Strategies: Internet

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Living in an apartment, you want to be saving money so that you can meet your rent payment and other monthly bills. When it comes to deciding between something like groceries and Internet access, you’ll probably admit that the Internet access is something that can go. At the same time, you probably use the Internet for work, school, keeping in touch with loved ones, entertainment or all of the above. Follow these tips to keep your Internet access and save money.

1 – Bundle Your Internet

If you have satellite or cable Internet, you’ll probably be able to save money by purchasing multiple services from your cable or satellite provider. If you already pay for satellite or cable TV, a landline phone and/or a cell phone, ask your satellite or cable Internet provider if you can purchase a bundle of these services at a rate much cheaper than you would pay for these services separately.

2 – Cable Instead of DSL for Apartment

DSL for an apartment may be equally as fast or even possibly a little bit slower than cable Internet, and yet it costs an average of $5 to $10 more per month. DSL for an apartment also costs an average of $50 more to set up than cable Internet. You usually can’t bundle other services with DSL, either. Even if you already have DSL Internet, you’ll be saving money in the long run if you switch.

3 – Switch Internet Providers

Most people don’t realize that they can be saving money just by switching Internet providers. You can take advantage of special deals and lock in 6-month or 1-year low-term rates when you switch (just be sure the new provider won’t be more expensive after the limited time deal expires).

4 – Use Your Cell Phone or Smart Phone

If your cell phone or smart phone is practically attached to your hip (or ear), cut out your home Internet entirely and invest what you save in upgrading your cell phone or smart phone Internet connection. The iPhone, the Blackberry and the like put the Internet in your hands. You can surf the Internet, send e-mail, download music and watch videos just like you do on your computer. Of course, it depends on the plan, and how often you plan to use the Internet.

5 – Use Free Wi-Fi or Internet Around Town

If you’re within walking or easy commuting distance of a comfortable cafe, restaurant or library that offers free Internet or Wi-Fi access, you’ll be saving money by cutting out your home Internet bill and using the public access instead. Take your laptop with you to a cafe and catch up online there. Use the computers that your local library has to offer (be sure to use headphones in either case so you don’t disturb the people around you).

6 – Get an Apartment with Internet Included

Some apartments include high-speed Internet access within your monthly rent payment. If the rate is competitive with other area apartments, choose the one with Internet included.

Saving money on your Internet bill is easy when you follow any one of these tips. Even if the Internet isn’t essential, it’s hard to live in the modern world without it. Keep your Internet and save money, too!

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