5 Types of Flowers to Use for Autumn Decorating

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Choosing flowers for autumn decorating can be a fun and inviting way to usher in the season. Colors tend to be rich and vibrant so you have several options for decorating your apartment with a variety of arrangements. Before selecting a particular fall flower or including several in an arrangement, consider the shades and tints you’ll be using. Autumn is a good time to concentrate on colors in bronze, amber or gold. Perhaps an arrangement of marigolds in gold peeking out from bronze coleus may suit your tastes. On the other hand, maybe you like fall flowers in hues of purple such as pink and purple chrysanthemums combined with asters in deep purple. Whatever arrangements or flowers you decide on, think about the colors first in your overall scheme.

1) Asters – Stars of the Season

You can use asters in a number of decorative arrangements. However, they can stand alone too. Choose a white, lavender, pink and red mix to enhance any theme.

2) Gerbera Daisies – The Perfect Cut Flowers

Gerbera daisies are always nice to include in a vase alone or with an autumn arrangement as they have a long vase life. Thus, they are a popular cut flower to use for autumn floral decorating as their beauty can be appreciated just that much longer. Choose yellow gerbera daisies combined with orange cosmos to welcome in the season with rustic appeal. Include the flowers in decors such as country cottage, English cottage, shabby chic and mission styling. Set them in a sunny area to make it even brighter.

3) Queen Anne’s Lace – A Nice Filler for Roses

Roses never go out of style, regardless of the season. Choose them for your autumn decorating by arranging some red blossoms with Queen Anne’s lace or pair them with white stephanotis petals to lighten the mood in any room. Roses go well in any decor but especially in apartments that have Victorian or vintage themes. Add them to your autumn decorating scheme and you can enjoy a little bit of summer while welcoming in the fall.

4) White Narcissus – They’re Fall Flowers Too

While many think of narcissus flowers as a springtime bloom, there are varieties that blossom in the fall as well. Pick paperwhite narcissus and combine the blooms with red poppies in traditional decors or allow the blooms to stand alone in more modern decors. The beautiful flowers are also a nice complement to soft purple carnations and red chrysanthemums. Keep a little bit of spring alive in your fall decor.

5) Chrysanthemums – A Fall Favorite

Chrysanthemums are hardy blooms that are the mainstays of any floral arrangement. Combine yellow chrysanthemums with orange cosmos and sawtooth sunflowers or choose red and pink blooms of the flower for a stunning display. Whatever colors you choose, they’re definitely a nice way to instill a warm Autumn greeting in your apartment home.

Keep the above flowers in mind when decorating for autumn. Don’t forget to include such flowers as zinnias, gladiolus, irises, delphiniums, marigolds, orchids and lilies as well.

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