5 Types of Exotic Flowers You Can Grow in an Indoor Garden

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Exotic flowers can liven up an otherwise boring apartment decor. House plants have been used for ages to give a natural and organic feel to a room. Some flowers even provide great health benefits, and the right flower can diminish allergens, improving the quality of air in the room. However, some individuals have avoided the use of exotic flowers in their homes because they didn’t know what to buy or how to care for them. With so much information now on the Internet for taking care of plants, there’s no excuse not to try growing at least one or more of these 5 types of flowers:

1. Begonias

When it comes to Begonias, there are many varieties to choose from for your indoor garden, such as miniatures. Some Begonias available for purchase include Black Beauty, Chocolate Cream, Queen Olympus, Last Laugh and Kismet. Compact Begonias can be grown in shallow pots, six inches and eight inches deep, such as Apple Pie and Dollar Down. However, you have to give them enough room to spread out.

2. Hoya

Classified as tropical and subtropical plants, Hoyas are exotic flowers that make a great window display. They’re easy to grow and maintain, and don’t require a south-facing window. You can hang them up on almost any window in your apartment to admire. The stems are thick, as well as the leaves, which makes them tolerate dryness more than many houseplants. You won’t need artificial lights for these to survive, but you’ll get the best results if you put them near bright lights. Some types to add to your indoor garden are Coronaria, Multiflora, Wayetii and Australis.

3. Starsprite

These are sure to generate curiosity and add dimension to any room. They often grow out sideways, producing white flowers, and the bulk of the plant is small leaves shrubs. You can grow them in small 2 1/4 inch and 4 inch pots in windows. In case you want to order them online, the full name is Centradenia Starsprite.

4. Sarracenia

If you enjoy violet, you’ll like having a few Sarracenias around your apartment. When grown right, these exotic flowers, also referred to as tropical plants, make wonderful pitcher plants that’s stunning to look at. The red veins make the plant look exotic as well as its white markings. It’s also referred to as Scarlet Belle. There are other Sarracenia varieties, including Doodlebug, Redbug, Ladybug and Leucophylla.

5. Champaca

Champacs are flowering trees that produce fragrant white, yellow and ivory flowers. It produces one flower per leaf and has its origin in Asia. You can grow them in pots in your indoor garden at about 2 feet. This is a great choice for growing exotic flowers indoors, because it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight to grow, and the tree does produce alot of flowers.

If you’re fresh out of ideas for apartment decorating, or if you want to try your hand at indoor gardening, give exotic flowers a try. They’re easy to care for and serve many purposes, including style and excellent health benefits. If you’re not sure which to choose try at least one of the varieties listed above.

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