5 Tips to Fix a Squeaky Door

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A squeaky door is a source of stress to many renters, but it’s a problem that is easily solved when you know what to do. You can fix it yourself in most cases, without help from your landlord or service professional. Try these 5 tips to fix a squeaky door:

1. WD-40

This product is a must have in your apartment. WD-40 is a special oil that will penetrate the surface it comes into contact with, to degrease it and to prevent rust. WD-40 also gets rid of corrosion. It does wonders for almost anything that squeaks, especially a squeaky door. Spray it directly on the door hinges, and wait a few minutes. Then, open and close the door a few times to see whether that resolved the issue. If it doesn’t work, take the hinge off the door, but only if you’re comfortable doing this. Coat the hinge and pin with WD-40, put the hinges back and see if that works. You can purchase WD-40 at any hardware store or home improvement center. Your local supermarket might also sell it.

2. Silicone Spray

Use this the way you would WD-40 described in the first tip. You must be careful not to spray your locks with silicone spray though, because it will cause a gooey like substance inside of it. To prevent a squeaky door from occurring in the first place, spray your door hinges with a silicone spray every once in a while.

3. Vaseline

If a squeaky door is unbearable and you want a quick fix, take the pin off the hinges and coat it with Vaseline. Test the door by swinging it a few times to see whether it worked. If you’ve already got Vaseline on hand, it’s a cheap way to solve your squeaky door issue. When taking the pins off, make sure you leave one in. Otherwise, the door will come off the hinges and may fall leaving you with a bigger problem. If you damage the door, you’re responsible to your landlord to replace it, which means money will come out of your security deposit to pay for it.

4. Avoid Using Cooking Oil

Not everything works well as a lubricant. Don’t use cooking oil on the hinges. It won’t work and you’ll have a squeaky door plus as sticky door. Wait until you can go the store to get WD-40, a silicone spray or Vaseline.

5. Balance the Door

A squeaky door is often the result of a door that’s no longer balanced. The hinges may be loose, the hinges may not be able to withstand the weight of the door any longer or the door may not not have enough hinges. All of these factors make the door unbalanced. Fix the problem and you take care of the squeak. This may take more know-how and tools than you have, and so put a call into the property manager or landlord for help.

One of these tips should work for you, and once you fix the squeaky door, you can relax for months after. Let this motivate you as you work on taking apart pins and hinges.


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