5 Tips for Placing a Sectional Sofa

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A sectional sofa can be extremely comfortable and offer plenty of available seating. However, knowing where to place such a large piece of furniture, however, can be difficult in an apartment. After proper placement of a sectional sofa, however, you might just be amazed at how much seating you have. Below are 5 tips for placing a sectional sofa in your apartment.

1. Beware the Chaise

A chaise lounge or other extension on your sofa must be the main factor in deciding where to place your sofa. Such extensions should be out of the way to avoid tripping or the annoyance of having to walk around them to sit. Ideally, place extensions, even those that are not permanent such as recliners, in an out of the way place, such as against a wall or outside walking areas. Additionally, should your sofa contain an extendable recliner, make sure that there is enough room for the footstool when opened. The footstool should not only be able to fully extend, but also not be in the way to navigate around.

2. Avoid the Wall

Believe it or not, but the middle of the room may actually be the best place for a sectional sofa. Because they are often larger and deeper than other sofas, placing your sofa in the middle of the room will enable you to use an otherwise open space. Additionally, each seat will be easily accessible and the wall space will be open for other pieces of furniture.

3. Don’t Break It Up

While you may be tempted to separate the pieces of your sectional sofa so it will fit better in the room, doing so will only create an awkward looking room. Because the sofa pieces are intended to be attached, separating them result in there not being an end on one half of the unattached piece. This will look unfinished and as though you were unsure of how to properly place the sofa. Therefore, it is best to keep the sofa together and intact.

4. Center the Sofa Around a Coffee Table

Because a sectional sofa is larger, it is imperative for you to make sure that each seat is equally comfortable. Centering the furniture around a coffee table will show that you have considered each seat’s comfort and access in your decorating. The coffee table you choose does not have to be particularly large, but instead could be narrow and long to accommodate the entire sofa.

Also, do not overlook the possible need to place end tables at either or both ends of the sofa. These seats are often the furthest away from the coffee table but also the most utilized. Therefore, it may be wise to put a small table to accommodate drinks or lamps. Make sure to factor the size of these tables into your measurements when deciding where to place the table.

5. Do Not Block Doorways

Wherever you decide to place your sectional sofa, a main rule is that you should not block doorways or walkways. Placing it in front of a window is permissible, but blocking doorways will not only make it difficult to enter or leave a room, but will also make the sofa appear too large for the room. The best way to avoid this problem is to measure all available spaces for the sofa prior to its placement. Make sure that there will be no overlap into other spaces that will seem unusual or make it traversing your apartment difficult. While this may mean the originally intended location will not work, you will be happier with the result if you are not blocking doorways.

Your sectional sofa is not only comfortable but also functional. The key to its placement, though, is to make sure that all seats are easily accessible, usable and that the sofa does not overlap or prohibit other uses of the apartment.

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