5 Tips for Packing Electronics

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The most important tips for packing electronics include instructions on how to properly cushion and store your expensive televisions, stereos, DVD players and other appliances. When moving, these are some of the items that pose the biggest threat of breaking, due to their hefty weight and composition of sensitive materials. Be practical and conscious of how you transport them and what you surround them with.

If Possible, Pack in the Original Boxes

If you can, remember when purchasing electronics not to throw away the original boxes and packaging they came in. That’s the best way to pack them without breaking, since that’s how they were transported from their manufacturing to retail sites. If that’s not possible, find similarly sturdy cardboard boxes. The collapsible cardboard boxes that you have to put together yourself aren’t your best bet, as the bottom tends to pop in and out and may not be able to support the weight that comes with most electrics. Look for boxes with seams on the sides and solid top and bottom panels. Flexible plastic containers (think mega Tupperware) with snap-on lids are also great options. Add crumpled newspaper or magazine to further cushion the surrounding area in the box.

Cover with Linen and Cushion Delicate Electronics

Pack electronics with the items that you yourself use for cushioning. Wrap televisions and DVD players in clean sheets and blankets. Be sure to protect the glass screens of TVs especially. This could involve placing pillows below and on the the side of the electronic when you place them in their appropriate transporting container. Once electronics are carefully wrapped, add other supporting materials for cushioning, such as throws and even soft clothing items.

Keep Away from Shedding Materials and Liquids

Avoid proximity to materials and substances that can contaminate and harm electronics. Wrap electronics directly in some sort of plastic wrap to keep any contaminating material away from them. You may want to use cloth and apparel to help in the cushioning, but stay away from wrapping electronics directly with items that are so soft and plush that they shed fuzz everywhere. The cloth particles can get inside electronics and cause them to malfunction. Also be wary of the boxes surrounding the containers with your electronics. In your moving van, don’t pack them near any boxes with liquids that can break and seep through their respective boxes and onto those storing your pricey electronics.

Wrap Cords Carefully

Electronics face threats during moving beyond breaking. Cords can easily become tangled and twisted into knots, which at best can be a time-consuming inconvenience to de-tangle, and at worst can twist and snarl to the point of breaking and malfunctioning. Gently wind cords loops and circles and keep them close to the main body of the appliance. If you can, secure them with elastics or ties. Be extra gentle with cords connected to speakers, as the contents of their wires can be super sensitive and more prone to breaking than traditional electric cords.

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