5 Tips for Packing Clothing

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Using tips for packing clothing can help you take as much as possible with you to your new destination. You can overcome space and shipping weight challenges by using techniques that movers have utilized for many years. You can pack your clothes like a pro if you follow these basic 5 tips:

1. Roll Clothes in Boxes or Tubs

A popular tip for packing clothes is to roll them instead of folding them the traditional way. You’ll take up less space and have more room to pack more clothes. This works well especially if you’re packing them in suitcases and luggage. However, this method works well for packing clothes in boxes as well. If the clothing is too bulky, such as a coat, then rolling it may not be the most efficient way to pack it. Instead, use one or more of the tips below for large or over-sized items.

2. Hang Coats and Suit Jackets

Use a garment bag to hang, pack and protect coats and suit jackets. This is an important tip for packing your suit jackets if you’re going to need it upon arrival for a job interview or other event where you’ll need to wear business attire. This method preserves it better, eliminating the need to dry clean it. If you rolled it, then you’d have to worry about taking time out to get it dry cleaned because of the wrinkles.

3. Pack Seasonal Items Together

A move is stressful enough, but a disorganized move is worse. Avoid the mistake of not following an organized approach to packing, by following this important tip for packing clothes: pack seasonal items together. Before you pack anything into boxes or other shipping containers, sort your clothes according to the seasons. For example, put all your winter clothes, coats and hats together. All of your summer clothes, like shorts, t-shirts and shades should be put in another pile. Do the same for fall and spring clothes. This will buy you time on the other end, and you won’t have to move boxes you don’t need right away out of storage.

4. Pack Work Clothes Separate

The same logic for packing seasonal items together applies to packing work clothes separate. You don’t want to be looking frantically for your work clothes when you arrive in a new city or town. Starting a new job or school frazzled is not recommended, and can be avoided if you separate your work clothing. In order for this to work, you’ll need to use separate colored boxes, a different tub or container, or clearly mark the boxes so that you can easily identify them when you mail or ship them.

5. Pack Clean Clothes Only

In the rush to finish packing or if you have a short time to move, it can seem easy to throw dirty clothes in with clean clothes. However, this will only cause problems for you on the other end of your move. You’ll be wasting money to wash already clean clothes that were packed with dirty clothes, and you may not have access to a washer and dryer right away, further compounding your problem. Here’s a simple, yet important tip for packing clothes: only pack clean clothes.

In the end, most tips for packing clothes are just common sense. However, having a reminder of these basic tips and techniques can help to confirm or motivate many do this chore properly.


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