5 Tips for Fashion Inspired Decorating

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fashionFashionista? If your closet is better decorated than your apartment, use some of your fashion sense to add a bit of flair to your living space. These five ideas will hopefully inspire you to new levels of interior design.

Catwalk Class

Love the artistically funky creations you see on the runway? Often those outfits don’t seem suitable for wearing; even less so if you’ve got a job to go to everyday. However, take what you like best and make a splash in your apartment. Is there a particular color you fell in love with? If it’s a bit bold, introduce it with a few keys pieces, perhaps a new bedspread in the bedroom or a bathroom update with bright fresh towels. If there’s a material that caught your eye be it feathers or silk, again, accessorize with it. Both of those materials could be incorporated into a wall hanging or other art piece. Don’t neglect your lighting. Lamps both floor and overhead, are a low-risk way to try something a little radical.

Use Your Own Fashion Statement

Everyone has something about their fashion style that is personal. Maybe you are known for your sparkly jewelry, lacy blouses or beautiful scarves. Replicate your favorite wardrobe accessories in your room. If lace is your thing, add it to lamp shades, pillows and of course tablecloths. If you are never without a fabulous pair of earrings, look for sparkly candlesticks and picture frames to glitter up a shelf or two.

Neutrally Natural

Blending the outdoors into the indoors is a major design trend this year. For those whose design sense leans towards a more soft and relaxed style, surround yourself with just that vibe. Use natural materials and tactile textiles to create a peaceful space. Creams, greys and bronzes are the perfect color palette to set off forest green and deep blue furnishings and accessories.

Vintage Lover

If a Saturday spent trolling thrift and vintage shops is your favorite weekend activity, you are halfway to a new-for-you look to your home. Make your rooms a mix of old and new by adding a vintage end table, some antique picture frames, or tearing up a slightly shabby dress for the amazing material or pattern. You’ve got the eye for a good piece, now broaden your outlook and start looking for pieces for the rest of your home, not just your closet. The key to making it all work is a good color palette. Choose yours and stick with it.

Think Sustainable

Do something good for the environment and free up some drawer space for your next shopping spree. We’ve all got clothes that have gotten a bit shabby, don’t fit like they use to, don’t match anything else in the closet, or maybe were an impulse buy that shouldn’t have been made. Dig out all these cast-offs and let them inspire you to create something new. Plan out new covers for the throw pillows on your couch, sew up a big colorful cushion for friends to lounge on in the living rooms or create a duvet cover for a new look for your bed. With all that material at your fingertips the possibilities are endless.

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