5 Tips for Buffing Hardwood Apartment Flooring

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Buffing hardwood flooring in your apartment will make your apartment look much newer and cleaner. At the same time, remember that you’re liable for any damage you may make to the flooring if you use the incorrect materials to clean and they warp or stain the floor.

1. Vacuum the Floor First

Buffing hardwood flooring is made more difficult when dust and crumbs are scattered about the surface. When you buff before cleaning, you’ll be rubbing these particles back into the floor and possibly causing more scratches. Vacuuming the floor regularly will help you keep scratches away as well.

2. Designate a Spot to Test

There’s always the possibility that your hardwood will interact negatively when you’re buffing hardwood flooring, even if you follow the most basic tips. To avoid permanent damage to the flooring, designate an out-of-the-way spot on which to test your buffering action. If that small section responds positively, you can buff the rest of the floor.

3. Select the Right Wood Floor Cleaner

The right cleaning solution depends on exactly the type of hardwood floor you’re trying to clean. If you have trouble identifying the type of flooring, ask your landlord if he or she knows what type of wood comprises the flooring. It may be oak, hickory, pecan, white ash, maple, cherry or another type of wood (There’s also the chance that it’s actually laminate made to look like wood).

When looking for a cleaner, make sure the formula is specifically tailored for the type of wood. This is more crucial than you may think, as the right formula may buffer one type of wood and stain another.

4. Determine the Tools You Need

It’s possible to start buffing hardwood floor with rags alone. If your floor isn’t very large and/or you just want to shine a small portion, use one rag on which you apply the cleaning solution to buff the floor in fast, brisk motions. Use another clean rag in a back-and-forth motion to clean up the solution entirely immediately afterward.

If you have a large area to cover or your arms tire easily, you may find renting a buffer from a hardware store a more effective solution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You will most likely need to set the buffer screen at between 100 and 120 grit.

5. Don’t Forget the Wax

Your must determine whether or not your hardwood floor has a wax finish before you use a buffer, although you may be able to safely buff small portions of the floor by hand without worrying about the wax. If there is a wax finish, you’ll have to remove the layer of wax by following the manufacturing instructions on your buffer. You will likely need to use a solvent called mineral spirits with the buffer and a steel wool pad.

Because you’ll be liable for any damages made to your apartment, it’s important that you follow these tips for buffing hardwood flooring before you attempt to give it a go. At the same time, keeping your flooring free of scratches and dullness can ensure you won’t have to pay part of your deposit to cover wear to your floor.

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