5 Things that Happen During a Tenant Screening

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As you prepare to move to a new location, you will most likely be interviewed in a tenant screening by your new community representative. Although you may feel confident going forward, it is still a good idea to prepare yourself for whatever challenges may lie within your screening. Here are 5 things to consider as you schedule your interview:

Your Personal History

A tenant screening is all about you, and your personal history. Whether you have been a great tenant and if you have met your financial obligations are foremost in the mind of the interviewer. Credit reports and background checks will verify the information you are giving your landlord, however, how you present yourself and how well prepared you appear will be valuable, especially when screening for that new apartment your really want.

Information Regarding Your Finances

Your finances will be most important as each manager must ascertain whether you can make your rental payment on time and without incident. Especially if you’ve had late rental payments in the past, be prepared to explain where your income comes from, when you typically make your payment, and how important it is for you to meet all of your payments despite what, if any, circumstances may arise unexpectedly.

The Ups and Possible Downs of Your Rental History

Your rental history, likewise, is important and a deciding factor in your screening. Whether you have been involved in a past eviction, early lease termination, or any circumstance that may cause alarm for a rental community will require explanation and most likely, some type of documentation showing that any past issues were either resolved or that you were cleared of any responsibility.

Any Past Criminal Behavior

Criminal behavior will be another important factor in determining if your residence is approved. Although many communities may be willing to lease to an individual with criminal activity on their record, you should be ready to answer this question honestly and with as much information as possible. Landlords often hear excuses and exaggerations from prospective tenants, so honesty will always be the best policy when dealing with a seasoned manager.

Any Personal Habits or Property that Can Affect Your Residency

Personal habits including music, guest activity, vehicles or anything that will cause noise or concern for other residents will be evaluated. Be prepared to give account as to how often you may wish to have a party. If your vehicle is modified or may cause excess noise, and just an overall account of your lifestyle. Most likely, landlords will not look favorably should you be looking to turn their peaceful community into a college party hot spot.

Their First Impression of You

First impressions will be just as important as any of the above tips. Arrive for your screening groomed and dressed appropriately. Have any necessary information or documentation organized and with you. And, an outgoing and friendly attitude will help you get started on the right foot with your soon to be new landlord.

Depending on exactly what type of community you’re considering, be prepared and do not take offense as you complete a lease application or tenant screening. Your new community is only performing a thorough interview to ensure that only the best applicants are approved, and this is something that every applicant should value as much as their landlord.

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