5 Signs of a Noisy Apartment

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A noisy apartment can have a negative impact on your quality of life. You can avoid the stress and anxiety of dealing with a noise nuisance if you look for signs in the first place. Here’s how to determine whether an apartment is noisy when you’re searching for a place to live.

1.  Near the Pool

Having an apartment that is close to the pool is not a good idea. Tenants of all ages use the pool and will make noise. Depending on how hot it gets, or if there’s a party or other celebration, they can get very noisy. You can’t complain about the noise or get the pool shut down. You would have to leave the apartment for a short while or find other ways to ignore it. This can go on for hours and be a great inconvenience to you. If you have young children who take naps, this poses an even bigger problem of interrupted sleep time, that can lead to behavioral and other problems.

2. Near the Manager’s Office

Another sign that the unit you’re considering is a noisy apartment is its proximity to the manager’s office. Unless you’re interested in hearing disputes between managers and other tenants, or lively conversations between tenants who are making rent payments, you’ll want to avoid this also. The manager’s office inside and outside becomes an organic hangout for tenants passing each other as they’re taking care of rent or getting the landlord to make repairs. This hangout usually forms outside, making it noisy for nearby neighbors.

3. Near the Road

A sure sign of a noisy apartment is one that is close to the road. Road noise can get loud because of traffic, but also due to cars that play loud music. You can gauge the level of the noise by visiting the apartment at night, in the morning when kids are going to school and at noon time. If your apartment is set back far enough, then road noise may not be a problem. You can make sure by touring the apartment only during peak traffic hours, and listening.

4. Train Tracks

Make sure to take note of any train tracks. The noise of a train can be startling and hard to tune out. If you work from home, you want to make sure that you’re not anywhere near them. Can you imagine making a sales call to a client, and you’re about to make a sale when a train in the background interrupts you? It also interrupts your concentration if you have to study for school. Do your research if you’re not familiar with the neighborhood and make sure that you’re far enough away from any train tracks.

5. Airports

The same is true for airports. You don’t want to listen to planes landing all day, if you can help it. The proximity of the airport will be easy to figure out. It’s not so easy, however, to know about military or civilian planes that fly a lot in the area, even if you’re not close to an airport. The best thing to do is ask your landlord and other tenants about it.

These are just a few tell tale signs of a noisy apartment. Don’t think that you can overcome the noise problems with double paned windows. It would be better not to move in at all.

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