5 Safety Tips for an Apartment Pool Party

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Using an apartment pool to host a party can be a fun way to socialize and cool down on a warm day, but the best way to have fun is to be responsible, too. Pools present additional danger than hosting a party in your apartment, so make sure that you, as the host, ask your guests to follow a few basic safety tips so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

1. No (or Very Little) Alcohol

Alcohol and an apartment pool do not mix, as becoming inebriated can affect your guests’ ability to swim and stay safe around the pool. If you want to offer alcohol to keep your guests entertained, you may offer a small amount back in your apartment. However, ask your guests not to go overboard and take responsibility for asking your guests to leave (via a taxi or designated driver) if they begin to act tipsy.

2. No Poolside Sports Activities

Keep all of your games in the apartment pool and not beside the pool. Just like no one should run next to the pool, no one should play catch or any other type of sport next to the pool. Your guests could hurt themselves and/or fall into the pool unexpectedly, causing injury or drowning. They could also accidentally run into another guest and cause him or her to get injured. If people want to play sports outside of the pool, ask them to play in a grassy area outside of the pool area.

3. No Goofing Off

Having fun and horsing around are two different things. Children and adults alike sometimes need to be reminded of the dangers of running around the pool or shoving each other. Remember also that your neighbors may not appreciate loud noises. Ask anyone who doesn’t follow the rules to leave.

4. Make Sure Kids and Non-Swimmers Are Prepared

Even if they don’t plan to go into the pool or swim beyond the shallow end, all children attending your apartment pool party as well as any adults who can’t swim skillfully should have a life jacket and/or a combination of floaters and a swimming ring. This is because they may accidentally fall into the pool or drift into a deeper area. If they’re in the pool area, they should be prepared.

5. Have a “Lifeguard” on Duty

If your apartment complex has a lifeguard on duty, ask your guests to respect him and not distract the lifeguard from his job. If your pool doesn’t come with a lifeguard, consider hiring one or—at the very least—having one guest (or yourself) act as a lifeguard at all times. A professional will have a better idea of what to look for when someone’s in danger, but even having someone who’s a good swimmer keep an eye on everyone in the pool during the bustle of the party can prove essential for the few seconds someone may show signs of being in danger.

Don’t forget to speak with your landlord about holding your apartment pool party if there are apartment complex rules about bogarting the pool or inviting a certain number of non-resident guests. If you’re allowed to host your party, you may wish to inform your neighbors of when you’ll expect the pool to be occupied if they’re not invited.

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