9 Reasons to Rent Studio Apartments Over One-Bedrooms

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This ultramodern studio apartment space is living proof that sometimes smaller is better.

If it’s just you looking for a place to live, you may be tempted to splurge on a traditional one-bedroom apartment. After all, having all that space to yourself and not having to deal with roommates sounds super appealing, right? Maybe you haven’t even considered that there are other options out there.

A studio apartment is a great alternative to a one-bedroom apartment, and it’s becoming more and more popular among renters all the time. It’s a self-contained living space where the bedroom, living room, dining area, and kitchen all sit within the same space. Though living in a one-bedroom apartment does have its advantages, studio apartments can be better suited for some, as they’re much more economical in terms of both money and space.

You’ll Save Rent Money

A studio apartment is undoubtedly going to cost less than a one-bedroom rental in the same area, just as undoubtedly the money savings is the number one reason you’d lean toward a studio unit in the first place. At the very least, they tend to run about $150 to $200 less than a one-bedroom. If it’s just you in the apartment, having somewhere compact and cheaper means that you can spend more money on the things you enjoy doing.

You’ll Save on Electricity

One thing you might not have thought about is the money you could save on utilities in a studio apartment. When living in a condensed space, keeping the apartment cool in the summer and warm in the winter is going to take a lot less energy than doing the same would to a one-bedroom apartment. Not only will your rent be lower, but so will your electricity bill. If you search hard enough, you can even find efficiency studio apartments where all utilities are included. Budgeting becomes that much easier when you only have to write one check each month for living expenses.

They’re More Environmentally Friendly

We now know that it takes less energy to heat and cool a studio apartment than it does to do the same to a one-bedroom unit. But the eco-friendliness doesn’t stop there. Being in one room also means that there’s no chance of leaving the light on in multiple rooms of the home at once, which saves big on electricity usage in the long run. At a time when everyone is looking nervously at their carbon footprints, this is a way to make a positive impact on yours.

You’ll Have Less Space to Furnish

One of the perks of living with a roommate is not having the burden of furnishing an entire apartment yourself. In shared living situations like that, both roommates typically bring what they own and merge it, purchasing the few pieces they need to fill in any gaps later on. If you live in a one-bedroom unit by yourself, however, you have to fill the space on your own, and furnishing an apartment can be expensive. In a studio apartment, there isn’t even room for excess furniture. A few key pieces like a bed, desk, small love seat, and table will be more than enough. Sometimes you can even find furnished studio apartments if you prefer to not have to bother furnishing the place yourself at all.

You’ll Have Less Space to Clean

Less square footage means fewer surfaces to clean. Not only that, but small spaces also require you to be more organized. And since there’s so little room for clutter in a studio, it’s pretty perfect for minimalistic living. If you’re looking to simplify your life and streamline your stuff, moving into a studio apartment is a great way to do so.

Moving Out is Quicker

Since studio apartments don't usually allow you to keep a lot of furniture, you'll often find the process of moving into a new one surprisingly easy!

With a studio apartment, you’ll have a lot less furniture and possessions than if you lived in a one-bedroom apartment. This means that if you decide to move, you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently, and usually without needing to hire a moving truck. Having fewer belongings means that the world is your oyster — you could even move across the country if you wanted to!

You’ll Get Out More

One of the big downfalls of a studio apartment is that it can start to feel claustrophobic if you spend too much time inside. However, this can also be a perk for someone who is constantly on-the-go or wants to be. If you’re basically only renting an apartment so you have a place to store your belongings and sleep at night, there is absolutely no reason not to rent a studio. If you’re trying not to be a homebody, living in a small space will make you much more likely to get out and explore the city where you live.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing a studio apartment over a one-bedroom unit means that you have more options available to you. Whereas your budget might not stretch to a one-bedroom apartment in the area you’re looking at, it could very well allow you to live in a studio apartment in that sought-after part of town. If location is important to you, a studio apartment is well worth considering.

They’re Fashionable

You’ve probably seen tiny houses on Pinterest. They’re the latest “in thing” in the industry. What this means for you though, is that there are now thousands and thousands of ideas out there on how to maximize the space in a studio apartment, and while keeping it clean and clutter-free, to boot.

Though both types of units have their pros and cons, many students and young professionals find that renting a studio apartment is more suitable for both their lifestyle and budget than living in a one-bedroom apartment. While not the best option for everyone, it’s definitely something worth keeping in mind if you’re planning on making a move any time soon.

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  1. August 11, 2020 at 10:30 am, Nelson Fogerty said:

    It's cool that you point out that renting a studio apartment can help you save money on rent every month. I want to live frugally when I start going to college, so I'm considering renting a studio apartment. I'm going to search for a good studio apartment in the area that I can rent.


  2. September 01, 2020 at 9:15 pm, Kristofer Van Wagner said:

    I never knew that one-bedroom apartments are considered more environmentally friendly as it is more sustainable. My daughter is planning to buy an apartment. As she is a huge environmentalist, I will relay this information to her.


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