5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Movers

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To some of those who are looking to move a household, it seems counterintuitive not to look for the lowest price, but sometimes, cheap movers are not the best deal. Getting a bargain is great, but different kinds of issues with local moving businesses can mean that the overall costs end up being a lot higher than originally quoted. Here are some reasons to avoid moving deals that look too good to be true, and to do your homework on cheap moving companies before going ahead with a deal.

Investing in Employees

The job quote that a moving company offers might look like a real steal, but one big question is important in knowing what you’re getting for your money: how does the company screen and train employees? The quality of employees at a moving company is crucial because they are trusted with so many high-value possessions and access to the clients home. Think about this aspect of your moving deal before going ahead with the lowest figure.

Labor and Equipment

Another problem with some of the cheapest moving companies is that they operate on an excessively low budget. Some of these companies don’t invest in one of the most fundamental aspects of material transport: equipment. Companies that don’t purchase a lot of good, modern equipment are setting their employees up for injury and crippling the capacity of their operations. Without tools like hand trucks, tie downs, lift gates, etc. the human employees have to work much harder, and are more prone to error and injury.

Teaser Prices

Some companies will offer you a low initial bid on a job, then jack the rate up with “extra services.” There are technically laws on the books to protect consumers from this dubious practice, but that doesn’t stop some cheap moving companies from finding ways to mislead customers by offering “low rates” and then padding the bill.

Time Is Money

Along with the above point on equipment, some companies offering low moving prices might not be making much of an investment in overall efficient planning. Without the right tools and the right training, these “very cheap” moving crews might take an extremely long time to get your stuff from point A to point B. That means a lot of wasted time, and for most clients, that time has value.

Bonded, Insured, etc.

The best moving companies take care to maintain industry standards when it comes to business insurance and related paperwork. However, some other companies may tend to cut corners. Look at the credibility of a business and the insurance they offer before signing.

The above are some reasons to look critically at a moving company before employing them to handle your household move. Those who take time to research various companies and moving contractors rather than blindly picking the first deal or the cheapest price will ultimately benefit from knowing who is coming to their door on moving day. Because a move deals with personal property, it’s important to do the research on this kind of service.

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