5 Reasons Neighbor Revenge Is a Bad Idea

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Retaliating against a noisy, nosy or otherwise annoying neighbors is a bad idea. Neighbor revenge will only make life in your apartment uncomfortable, and you may end up a victim of a crime as a result. You don’t really know who your neighbors are until there’s a conflict, and you don’t want to find out that you have a neighbor who is willing to do you harm in response to your revenge. Stay away from it for these reasons:

1 – Landlord May Not Have Done a Background Check

Neighbor revenge poses a safety issue. You don’t know what kind of criminal background the landlord conducted prior to them moving in, and you can’t rely on your move in experience. If you’re a newer tenant than your neighbor, the landlord could have started background checks with you, after that neighbor already moved in without one. Maybe your landlord didn’t conduct an adequate background check, and your neighbor has a criminal background that you’re not aware of.

2 – No Security When You’re Gone

Tenants, even the ones that make life miserable for you, are beneficial for keeping thieves at bay when you’re away. For example, when you travel on business, or visit family out of state, it’s good to have someone keep an eye on your apartment when you’re away. Most tenants will do that without you asking. They’ll notice that you’re gone, and call the police if they see any illegal activity. You can also ask them to keep watch if you have a relationship with them. That’s not going to be possible if you seek neighbor revenge. You’re on your own.

3 – Negative Relationship with Landlord

Your plans for neighbor revenge may backfire if it involves getting the landlord to evict or take some other negative action against your neighbor. There are two sides to every story, and if the landlord finds your neighbor’s side of the story more convincing, the landlord may harbor negative feelings towards you. It will hamper your chances of building a good relationship in the future, because the landlord will not trust you.

4 – Landlord May Go too Far

The landlord may believe you when you complain about your neighbor, and evict them, when a much lesser consequence is warranted. For example, you might complain to the landlord about a neighbor who plays loud music as a way to seek neighbor revenge. Your goal may have been to get the landlord to send the neighbor a notice to lower the music, but instead your neighbor gets a 14-day notice to vacate the apartment. You’ve now got your neighbor kicked out of an apartment, which may not have been your original intention.

5 – Criminal Retaliation

Whether in response to an eviction proceeding or something else, your neighbor may commit a crime against you out of rage. Historic examples of crimes involving neighbors include:

-Criminal battery and assault
-Apartment robbery
-Identity theft

None of these risks are worth your plans for neighbor revenge.

Find other ways to resolve disputes. Neighbor revenge is never a good idea.

3 Responses to “5 Reasons Neighbor Revenge Is a Bad Idea”

  1. July 13, 2011 at 8:38 am, NotACoward said:

    So in other words… just bend over and take it. Let the neighbors walk all over you and never let on that you are disgusted by their wrenched behavior. If they really drive you over the edge, just move. Keep moving and get used to moving.

    It you stand up for yourself in any way, shape or form… they could beat you up or murder you…

    “Find other ways to resolve disputes”… such as?

    Thanks for the great advice.

    As for solutions to the problem of noisy neighbors, here are a few:

    Make YOURSELF like a STONE WALL that THEY have to deal with… legally and in a non-violent and non-threatening way.

    A great example for people living next to a house full of drug dealers, gang bangers or other scumbags is to install video cameras and motion lights — EVERYWHERE. Nothing scares a drug addict more than a video camera… You can get pinhole cams on ebay for like $10! Have every angle of your house or apt. well lit and recorded for under $100.

    They can do NOTHING about it but DEAL with the fact that they are being recorded around the clock — 24/7. Think. Would YOU want to do ANYTHING illegal while being recorded?

    Noisy neighbors? Sometimes you can use white noise to drown them out. White noise is basically just the sound of a fuzzy TV or radio — or a waterfall… it’s all very similar stuff. It really does an EXCELLENT job in drowning out background noise. Putting an old T.V. or Radio on a fuzzy station at FULL VOLUME in the next room can drown out almost anything and it sounds like a waterfall. It’s also non-distracting and will help your sleep. Try it and you will be amazed at what you CAN’T hear going on next door.

    If the passive approach isn’t working and you want your peace and quite back you can try a guitar amp or a LOUD stereo and a mic. Put the speakers up against the wall, point the mic at them and turn it up FULL BLAST (you can even get a toilet plunger at the dollar store, poke a hole in the top. Put your little microphone in there and STICK IT TO YOUR/THEIR WALL). That way, any LOUD noise THEY make will be amplified MUCH louder to the point of being absurd. (Don’t forget to recorded it too ;). If they like to scream when they talk, their conversation will be broadcast through out the entire neighborhood. If they live on the floor above you, stomping rather than walking will nearly BLOW THEIR WINDOWS OUT. They will either have to learn to KEEP THE NOISE DOWN OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS FOR A CHANGE. They will become the victim of THEIR OWN NOISE! If they want to complain, they will have to complain about THEMSELVES!

    If you do take action, remember to KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER. Smile, wave and make them think that the last person to complain would be little ol’ YOU.

    And unless it is a burglary, assault, etc. don’t get the police involved. The police are there to perpetuate crime — not fix it. Why do you think there are so many obnoxious neighbors to begin with? The police protect them, not punish them. They take down YOUR name and info so that if anything happens to them, YOU will be the first suspect.

    Confronting your neighbor is almost always a bad idea too. If you do choose that route, it may be a good idea to bring over some cookies or something and be SUPER NICE. Try it ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. If the problem continues (it almost always will) you may want to choose another route. Keep in mind that annoying neighbors are just little brats who grew up. They have never been punished for their actions. They were trained from a young age to do whatever they want and then tell people whatever they want to hear.

    NEVER THREATEN OR TRY TO INTIMIDATE. IT IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU CAN DO. It will ALWAYS make YOU look like the trouble maker and THEM look like the victim.

    I have been forced to endure loud, obnoxious, filthy neighbors of one type or another on more occasions than I can count. Sometimes, it really is best to just move. If you have more than ONE annoying neighbor, moving will be the only way to ever get peace.



  2. September 19, 2011 at 12:46 am, derp said:

    This is seriously one of the worst articles I’ve ever read on the internet. Nice comment, Notacoward.


  3. October 31, 2011 at 6:02 pm, noisypeepleusck said:

    Not a coward, thanks for your very informative and hilarious response. Might I also suggest a subwoofer or large television set directly facing the offenders wall turned all the way up to “Loud as hell” and playing a movie or music. War movies are my favorites!! lol…


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