5 Places to Find Furniture Bargains

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Furniture bargains are crucial if you’re a renter who wants to keep your apartment decorating costs down. Whether it’s used, like new or new furniture, you can find affordable, cheap and even free furniture. There are a number of local places in your area to try, but don’t forget to search online as well.

1. Moving Sales

Furniture is hard to move, and costly if you’re hiring a professional moving services company. Many homeowners and tenants who don’t care that much about holding on to their furniture are willing to sell it, to get rid of the hassle of moving it to a new location. You can find furniture bargains on items that were never used at moving sales, or used but in good condition. Make a habit of checking Craigslist.com and your local newspaper for moving sales announcements. Look for signs when you’re out and about on Fridays, for posters announcing moving sales the next morning.

2. Thrift Stores

You most likely won’t find brand new furniture at a thrift store, but you will find many furniture bargains that are very used or gently used. If you like to upholster furniture, then you will find a lot of projects to work on. You can also steam clean furniture to spruce it up, polish it or refurbish it. You might even find antique furniture. Finding furniture bargains at thrift stores depends on the time you have to shop around, and the skills you have to transform used furniture into one you would be comfortable using and having other family members and guests use.

3. Liquidation Sales at Furniture Stores

Be on the look out for liquidation sales where you live. They are always announced in newspapers, but the company in charge of a liquidation sales often buys a tremendous amount of radio and television ads to make the public aware of it as well. These sales occur because a company is going out of business, and it takes place at the store’s location. They need to get rid of all of the furniture, and therefore are willing to offer discounts. However, not all items in a liquidation sale is a bargain. Some liquidation sales are rip offs. Do your homework ahead of time to compare furniture prices. A 50 to 75 percent discount off retail prices is a good discount, but nothing less.

4. Furniture Clearance Centers

Some furniture stores who can’t get rid of certain furniture, take it to the furniture clearance center it owns. These are often returned items, or are damaged in some way, but still usable. For example, the store might offer a discount because a wood furniture chair has scratches. Locate a furniture clearance center in your city, but also nearby cities, and go and have a look.

5. Freecycle

The best furniture bargain is furniture offered for free. Check Freecycle.org frequently, because people want to get rid of furniture, but don’t want it ending up at the local landfill. As long as you’re willing to haul it, they will give it to you for free.

Use the money you save with furniture bargains for other things that are more valuable, such as building up an emergency account and paying off your debts.

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