5 Must-Have Cooking Accessories in Kitchenettes

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Normally, kitchenettes provide limited space for food preparation and entertaining. But if you incorporate the right accessories and fixtures, this space can be utilized to maximum advantage. With the right accessories for your small space, you’ll have extra room for preparing meals in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

For instance, a counter with too many small tools and appliances can clutter up the workspace. Likewise, bulky furniture and garbage cans can also get in the way of kitchen-dwellers. With the proper storage units and gadgets in place, you can better keep the area organized, functional and even appealing.

Here are some must-have accessories for your eat-in-kitchen:

Butcher Block

A multi-functional butcher block is a great way to prepare your meals and neatly keep kitchen items stored and organized. Select from many popular butcher block designs like those with shelves, cabinets and drawers with stylish knobs. A mobile block when not in use, also doubles as a nice side table in a small kitchen.

Counter Accessories

Today, you can also find different types of cutting boards and drain boards to help add to the functionality of your counter space. For example, an over-the-sink cutting board to help free up counter space that’s better used for serving-dishes, pots and appliances.

Combination Storage Unit/Work Table

You can add more work and storage space by getting a table with a built-in compartment for trash and a drawer for tools and cookbooks. A combination cart, trash bin and storage table is ideal for a saving space in a small kitchen. Some units have pull-out wicker baskets that make for eye-catching storage and built-in cutting boards for handy food preparation.

Features to look for in storage/work units:

  • removable wicker baskets or fabric storage bins
  • compartments for storing dinner ware
  • wheels so you can use the unit in other rooms such as the dining area
  • sideboard-style unit for stowing dishes, serving pieces and linens

Utensil Holder or Hanger

Provide an easy way to store items so you do not clutter counter and shelf space. A multi-compartment utensil holder is ideal for organizing all your wooden spoons and gadgets. These holders come in an array of materials from wood to stainless steel. There are also space-saving shapes available, which fit nicely into the narrow areas of your workspace.

You can also maximize more space by installing accessory holders into your kitchen area. There are pot and accessory holders that you can attach right into the walls or hang from shelves. They are ideal for adding storage to an unused corner and to help free up cabinet space.

Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack is an essential piece for any kitchenette.  Country or Tuscan designs can give your space a signature look while providing a home for gadgets and pantry items. Many racks come equipped with hooks, wine racks, glass holders and shelves. A baker’s rack is also helpful for displaying canisters holding baking and food supplies. Lastly, it’s even a perfect place for housing a microwave or any other small appliance.

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