5 Moving Tips for Last-Minute Movers

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When you’re moving at the last minute, moving tips can help your move go smoothly. Between coordinating your new life in your new apartment or home, packing all of your belongings and sorting through what you can give away and what you must keep, you hardly have enough time to catch your breath. Here are a few moving and packing tips to help alleviate the stress of last-minute movers:

1. Don’t Underestimate the Number of Supplies

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself on the day of moving without enough boxes, packing and tape with which to pack the remainder of your belongings. Think of how many packing supplies you’ll need-and then get extra. It’s better to have too much than too little. If you get supplies from moving companies, you may be able to return any supplies you don’t use.

2. Mark Boxes by Room

You’ll have a hard time unpacking after a hectic move if you don’t follow a few basic packing tips, including marking your boxes by room. Mark boxes clearly with labels like “bedroom,” “kitchen,” etc. Better yet, one of the best moving tips is to color coordinate! Use bright pink duct tape for one room’s boxes, yellow for another, etc., and you can tell just by glancing at the boxes which room they should be in.

3. Keep Irreplaceable Documents with You

If you’re temporarily moving home after living in an apartment during school, you may lose important documents (medical records, tax forms, etc.) between multiple moves. The best set of moving tips will tell you that important records should be kept in a portable lockable storage box that you can easily grab and take with you when moving at the last minute.

4. Write a Checklist

It’d be great if you could pack all of their belongings days in advance, but you’ve still got to brush your teeth, wear some clothes and entertain yourself right up to the day you leave. In the days before you go, write a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to remember to take with you the day of the move. This may include items you don’t even have with you, like clothes you’ve dropped off at the cleaners or DVDs you’ve lent to friends (and don’t forget to return anything you’ve borrowed).

5. Scope Your New Area Early

One of the best moving tips is to spend some time beforehand becoming familiar with the basics of the area, even if it’s just a few days early. Where’s the laundromat, the grocery store and the bank? You’ll probably need to visit these places as soon as you move in. If you can’t continue to use your current bank, you should open a new local checking account before you move so that you can access your money immediately.

Moving tips are especially important for last-minute movers because in the hustle of moving quickly, there are bound to be a lot of important things they forget. Moving companies can help make your move go more smoothly, but you’re still responsible for making sure you get through the move with everything you need to start your new life off right!

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