5 Mistakes Newbies Make When Using Local Moving Companies

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Local moving companies can be a great bargain, but they can also turn into a real nightmare. What’s the difference? Often, it’s a question of doing the required research to make sure you’ve hired the right guys and not the duds. Here are some of the pitfalls that careless customers run into when they’re looking at using cheap moving companies to facilitate a relocation out of town.

1. Skipping the Logistics

Some of the pricier moving companies have all of their ducks in a row, and that’s why they charge so much. Some newbies might forget, when they’re dealing with cut-rate local movers, that a lot of what’s in the moving companies toolkit is not a given. Yes, your tiny startup moving company probably has a moving truck, but does it have a lift-gate or other accessories needed for heavy pieces? Does add the additional gear to protect your belongings? Making assumptions about equipment and moving vehicles can be a big mistake.

2. Forgetting the Estimate

One of the general rules in dealing with moving companies is to ask for a binding or non-binding estimate. This figure is something moving companies are required to give customers relative to the final cost, to make sure the price doesn’t spike on moving day. These estimates are subject to specific services, so customers also need to get a concrete service break down from moving company representatives well before anything is loaded on the truck. Otherwise, there are loopholes for firms to charge you just about as much as they want to when they present you with the bill.

3. Not Checking for Professionalism

Another big thing that you run into with very cheap local moving companies is questions about where the crew is coming from. The big companies that charge more provide employee screening. They have elaborate networks to prevent you from suffering at the hands of unprofessional workers. The local firms may not have any of this, and you may be negatively surprised by who shows up at your door on moving day. Customers should ask questions up front, and get to know the people who will be coming through their doors on the day of the move.

4. Not Meeting the Crew Halfway

A lot of the additional services mentioned above that moving companies charge extra for are related to whether items are ready for pickup on moving day or not. Anything that delays the move will cost extra. If you have appliances that need to be unhooked or disassembled, stuff that’s not in the right boxes, or anything that’s not shipping ready, you can see your moving price spike. Take time and be smart about preparing all of your goods for transit before the movers show up, and making sure they have a clear path and access way through doors.

5. Not Staying Involved in the Process

Most of the other extra service charges and problems that customers run into are things that crews may have mentioned when they were in your house. Customers who get taken advantage of or pay extremely high prices in moving jobs are generally the people that just sit back and let the moving company take care of things. Don’t get stuck in this trap; be proactive and take the initiative to save yourself a whole boatload of money.

Avoid all of these things for an affordable and easy move.

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