5 Green Gifts for the DIY Home Renovator

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Getting gifts for a DIY home renovator that are eco-friendly is perfect for anyone who either loves the planet or saving money-or both. “Greening” one’s home can make a home more energy-efficient, leading to major savings when it comes to utility bills.

1 – Window Film

A most basic of green supplies for the DIY home renovator is window film to keep the temperature inside of an apartment or a home regulated (warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer). This leads to lower heating and cooling bills. Best of all, window film is easily installed and removed. Choose a tinted film or one with an attractive design for summer and a clear film in the winter.

2 – Thermal Shades

Another way to keep a home or apartment warmer in the winter is to use thermal shades, which make an excellent gift for the DIY home renovator. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, these shades are simple to install and also offer sound-dampening effects that any apartment resident can appreciate.

3 – Dual Flush Toilet Adapter

A do-it-yourselfer of even modest skill can install a dual flush toilet adapter on virtually any toilet. This adapter allows “half flushes” for liquid waste in addition to the full flushes for solid waste. The kits cost around $60 and the savings on the water bill will quickly add up.

4 – Caulk and Spray Foam

Perhaps not an attractive gift, but a welcome one for any green home renovator is caulk and spray foam to seal up all of the cracks and holes that are leaking warm or cool air to the outside and making it more difficult to regulate the temperature in a home or apartment.

5 – Eco-Friendly Tools

Anyone who likes tinkering inside or outside of the house or apartment who also shows concern for the environment will appreciate any eco-friendly tools that are either made in an eco-friendly manner, use alternative energy sources for power or both. Some examples include:

  • Basic tool set: A kit including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and/or saws for basic home repairs or a kit with a shovel, trowel, bulb cultivator and weeder for gardeners or plant enthusiasts is a must. Many are manufactured with eco-friendly purpose.
  • Solar powered hand tool charger: Turn any tool that runs on batteries or electricity into a solar powered hand tool with a charger that uses light as the source of energy to power the tool.

Green gifts can help your gift recipient save money and cut back his or her impact on the environment. If the DIY home renovator you’re getting the gift for lives in apartment, be sure to speak with the person’s landlord before encouraging him or her to install anything that might permanently change the structure of the apartment.

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