5 Girls’ Bedroom Ideas to Satisfy Daughters and Parents

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There are countless bedroom ideas for decorating your little girl’s room. She probably has plenty of ideas in mind as well. When it comes to choosing the décor of your kid’s bedroom, there can be a lot of disagreements between parents and children about what looks the best. Read on for some ideas that you and your daughter will love.

1. Walls

Does the idea of coating the walls in your daughter’s room a sickening shade of hot pink make you want to cry? If your daughter’s paint choice doesn’t exactly match up with your design ideas, strike a compromise. Paint the walls white, or even a subtle color and then add pops of color in the accents. The easiest way to do this is to apply removable decals to the walls. You can find these at almost any home decor store, craft store or online. You can get these big wall stickers in a variety of different designs and won’t have any probably finding something she loves. In a few years, when she decides that she doesn’t like pink or fairies or flowers any more, simply peel the decals off the wall.

2. Closet Space

If your daughter’s bedroom is like a jungle of clothing strewn across the floor, introduce some fun ways for her to become better organized. Maximize closet space by investing in a closet organization system. Buy a few decorative boxes for her to keep smaller items organized in. Then label the shelves and boxes in the closet so that she knows exactly where everything goes.

3. Stylish Sleep

One of the best ways to make a big impact in a bedroom is to have a great bedding set. Many of the children’s bedding ensembles sold in stores are made cheaply and feature cartoon characters and movie characters that are popular at the moment but might not be in a couple of years or even months. Instead, let her help to design her own bedding. Purchase a quality comforter that can be used for a long time. Then purchase a sheet set that she picks out herself. Sew two flat sheets together to fit the comforter and you will have an instant and switchable duvet cover.

4. Creative Space

A girl’s bedroom should be a place where she can fully express herself. Many little girls love to express themselves through making arts and crafts or even writing. These hobbies can be messy, putting the carpeting and furniture at risk. Instead of worrying about messes, dedicate a corner of her room where she can create her masterpieces at will. Place a plastic mat on the floor and find a small desk or table with a chair. Organize arts and crafts supplies in bins and containers that are well within reach.

5. Room for Guests

Girls love sleepovers and having friends over. They especially love shrieking, giggling and staying up as late as they can keep their eyes open. Make your daughter’s room the place where all the girls want to hang out. Set up an area with a fuzzy throw rug, colorful floor cushions and maybe a little side table for drinks and snacks. Set up a shelf full of books, games and toys that her guests will love to play with.

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    I let my daughter have as much input as possible into her own bedding, since she has to sleep on it. Although young, she still has her own sense of style and responsibility. She chose to get a latex mattress for her room, and a recycled bed from a flea market! Pulled together with modern colors and a few throw pillows, her room looks so perfectly her!


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