5 Fun and Creative Birthday Gifts for the Apartment Dweller

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When looking for birthday gifts for an apartment dweller, you can get creative by selecting a few fun items that are perfectly tailored for your apartment-dwelling loved one or friend. The person whose birthday it is will be sure to appreciate at least one of the following:

1. Storage-Related Gifts

Giving the birthday person a storage box may be practical, but it certainly isn’t a lot of fun. However, birthday gifts apartment dwellers love are both fun and practical. Maximum storage space is a must for apartment dwellers, but they don’t have a lot of space to stack boxes. You can buy them a functional storage gift that cleverly disguises the storage space, such as ottomans, chairs and other furnishings that contain hidden storage compartments. You can also give collapsible storage bins, which can be cleverly flattened and squeezed into a corner of a closet when not in use.

2. A Wireless Universal Charger

Most apartment dwellers have numerous mobile devices, such as cell phones, portable music players, portable game players and netbooks. For every device, they have a separate charger, often with a long clunky cord that can get easily tangled in the apartment resident’s limited space. One of the most useful birthday gifts an apartment dweller can use is a wireless universal charger, on which the birthday person can simply drop his or her mobile devices and charge them without clutter.

3. Attractive Screen Room Dividers

Limited space can make it difficult for an apartment dweller to partition a room to hide away items from company or to use one part of the room for a different function (a quiet reading area in a TV room, for example). By giving an apartment dweller a room divider screen, you’re giving him or her the opportunity to divide a room. You can select all number of attractive designs or you can even get a blank screen and decorate it yourself, which will make it among the most creative gifts an apartment dweller may receive.

4. A Vertical Garden

Gardening can be tough in limited space, especially if the apartment dweller doesn’t have access to any soil. If the birthday person has a green thumb, buy him or her a vertical gardening kit, which will allow the apartment dweller to grow a garden in limited space. A vertical garden can be grown off of a patio or even indoors in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.

5. Slow Cooker and Slow Cooker Cook Book

Slow cookers can cook virtually any dish that can be made in a pot or an oven and they take up far less space. If the birthday person has limited kitchen space and/or doesn’t enjoy cooking, you can provide him or her with a much easier way to make delicious, affordable home meals. You could even get the creativity going by cooking him or her a slow cooker dish first along with the gift so the apartment dweller samples the kind of cooking that’s possible with a slow cooker.

The birthday gifts apartment dwellers love typically include functional items that make the most of limited space and busy apartment living. You can provide useful gifts that are still fun and creative.

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  1. December 08, 2010 at 1:35 am, Gloria said:

    This are great gift ideas and I think they would also make great gifts for a college student living in a dorm or small apartment. Having a crock pot would be a lifesaver for a student who doesn’t have a lot of time (or space) to cook. One crock pot dish can last for days! Thanks for the great ideas!


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