5 Elegant but Cheap Home Decor Ideas

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When you think of a beautiful home you think of expensive, luxurious things that you might not be able to afford in your small apartment. You don’t have to break the bank with home decor ideas, however. You can still decorate your apartment with elegant, but very inexpensive things. Here are some tips to help you with your home decorating, including choices in bedroom furniture.

1. Blankets for Living Room Furniture

One common design is taking a small blanket or light quilt and draping it over your couch or other living room furniture. It adds a splash of color to your furniture, and also keeps a blanket handy if you need to warm yourself up. You might want to put some of your pillows on the quilt. Choose ones that match with the blanket.

2. Make a Wall Picture Montage

Another cheap home décor idea is making a family picture montage around your clock. Take some of your favorite pictures and frame them in wooden frames. Hang them in a circle around a clock. The circle can be big or small depending on how many pictures you want on the wall. It’s a decorative way to show people some of your best pictures. You can hang up your wedding pictures, pictures of your baby or pictures of yourself or friends. This can make a great design choice amongst your bedroom furniture.

3. Put Flowers in an Unused Fireplace

Take a dull fireplace that you’re not using and turn it into a flower garden. Take big flowering plants and put them in pots. Purchase bright plants like poinsettias and others. Take them and place them in the fireplace. Arrange them in such a way that they have their own independent colors and yet blend together, like putting a cluster of bright yellow plants next to a group of dark blue ones. You can also take little clippings from the plants and put them in small jars on top of your fireplace.

4. Hang Garlands on the Wall

Hanging garlands on the walls is a traditional home décor idea. Most people think that you should only hang up garlands at Christmas, Thanksgiving or some other holiday, but you can hang up flower garlands any other day of the year. It looks nice, especially on walls, doors and even stairway rails, if you have the right kind of garland.

5. Use Plants to Accent Your Windows

Plants make things look homey, and remind you of spring. Big plants or small ones look nice on a windowsill. Flowers aren’t the only thing that you can put on your window. Other things like artificial ferns can add a nice touch to your home décor. Take your plants and hang them from the top of your window so that they drape over the sides and top of your window. You can also position a small planter with flowers on the windowsill.

Creative home décor ideas don’t require a lot of money. Enjoy your next decorating project using these five ideas.

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  1. June 13, 2010 at 11:18 pm, Paula Jo @Home Decor Accents | Garden Accents said:

    Thanks for sharing some interesting tips on how to decorate a home without spending big money.
    In lieu of putting flowers in my during the summer time unused fireplace I have placed a bunch of candles (about 2.5inches in diameter) on the firewood crate inside the fireplace. Even if I don’t want light the fireplace because the outside temperature here in Texas where I am living is for most times of the year so high that I rather have the air condition on, so I still can achieve a cozy and romantic feeling and look by lightning those candles in the fireplace without heating up the room.
    But besides of simple ideas how to decorate without spending lots of money so there are also several really nice home and garden decor shops on the internet they offer decor and accents at budget pricing. t does not always have to be the high dollar decor to give a room that special touch.


  2. January 03, 2011 at 6:13 pm, 1950′s Home Decor Redesign : : The Country Home Decor said:

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