5 Easy Ways to Limit Household Expenses

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Limiting household expenses frees money in your budget to put toward the rent or other expenses-or just to put away for another day. Trimming the excess out of your current expenditures is easier than you may think.

1 – Cut Out the Cable

Many people figure that cable is a basic in any apartment, especially when offered cable in addition to Internet and/or phone lines as a discounted package or bundle. However, many channels legally stream the latest episodes of their most popular series online, so if you already have the Internet, you can watch many shows online. If network TV is boring, pop in a DVD or play a game.

2 – Frequent the Library

People who aren’t avid readers may forget that the library has more to offer than books; community members can check out movies and TV show box sets (including recent releases), CDs, audiobooks, comics, magazines and games for free at many libraries across the nation. You also may have access to the Internet, assuming you don’t need the Internet at home for work or school. This means that you won’t have to spend extra money on cable, movie channels, DVD rentals, magazine subscriptions, Internet fees and other household expenses.

3 – Take Control of the Temperature

Unless heating and air conditioning are included in your rent, in the summer, keep the thermostat set high (above 78) and in the winter set it low (below 68) to better control household expenses. You can save money by not relying on the air conditioning and furnace as much and instead cooling or heating the area in which you’re sitting with a fan or a space heater. If allowed by the landlord, cover windows with removable film to keep the temperature inside the apartment more regulated.

4 – Drop the Landline

Most people use cell phones, so if you have a cell phone, don’t waste money by having a landline as well. Even if the landline is included in a package deal, any money spent toward the same service you already have is a waste. You can drop the cell phone in favor of the landline, particularly if your cell phone bill is pricey, but the cell phone offers more protection in case of emergency while away from home.

5 – Clip Coupons

Weekly groceries add up to a large amount of an apartment dweller’s household expenses and it’s also one of the easiest areas in which to cut back. Purchase a Sunday paper subscription because the coupons in the paper will add up to be worth more than what you spend on the subscription. Also, frequent reputable online coupon sites each week. Cut coupons diligently, remembering to stick to the rule of cutting coupons only for items you can use and often buy and not coupons for things you don’t often buy. Don’t bother with coupons that let you save on two or more of the same item–unless you do use that item enough to justify buying more than one at a time.

Limit your household expenses makes it easier to make ends meet. Without having to give up too much, you can cut back on expenditures.

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