5 Common Victorian Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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The Victorian style of design is influenced by a number of traditional themes, such as Georgian, Vintage, Country Cottage as well as Shabby Chic. The elements of the decor, inspired by the elegance of yesteryear, all add to its romantic charm and femininity.

Use Floral Prints to Enhance the Victorian Style

You really can’t have a Victorian decor without the use of florals. When using floral patterns in upholstery, window treatments or wallpaper then, choose prints that are traditional. For example, pick small floral prints that are old-fashioned or pretty roses to enhance the style. Use delicate spring and summer colors in mauve, pink, lilac, light blue, pale yellow and mint green. Include molding and cornices carved with flowers to impart the elaborate styling of the period. Choose ornate floral handles for doors and vases with floral patterns to add the right finishing touches to the Victorian theme.

Include Paints with Rich Colors and Mid-Tones for Victorian Decors

Victorians cherished colors that were rich and deep, such as burgundy, hunter green, gold and amber. Use these warm colors in main rooms of your apartment and neutrals in moderate tones such as taupe and gray for your halls. Paint your walls in these hues or choose flocked wallpapers with the aforementioned shades and tints to emphasize the style. For example, burgundy with dark green accents or vice versa work well together as the contrasting hues complement one another as well as add a little drama when fused into an old-fashioned theme. They also add to the feeling of luxury that a Victorian decor exudes.

Choose Luxurious Materials, Sheers and Lace for Your Fabrics

To further accentuate the Victorian style, choose durable fabrics for upholstery or curtains that emphasize richness. Such Victorian materials include velvet, brocade, damask and embroidered fabrics. Also, include lighter materials such as chintz, cotton and muslin with lace trimmings for bedclothes, curtains and sheers.

Select Accessories that Denote Old-Fashioned Character

For an apartment decorated in the Victorian style, “old-fashioned” plush carpeting is a good selection. Include a couple of traditional rugs in Persian or Oriental styling to define the look. Add lighting accessories with elaborate designs and dazzling chandeliers made of brass and cut glass or crystal. Choose Tiffany lamps and small, decorative lamps made of marble, china or brass with fringed lamp shades. Hang gilt-framed, old-fashioned paintings and prints that depict the innocence of children, kittens or puppies. Include family photos in antique silver frames on mantles and shelves. Display knick-knacks such as china, lace doilies and porcelain dolls on antique side tables and in china cabinets to complete the look.

Choose Solid, Durable Woods and Wicker for Your Furnishings

When choosing furnishings, select reliable furniture with solid, darker finished hardwoods such as teak, walnut, mahogany, oak and rosewood. Pick antique or antique-looking chairs with decorative, ornate carvings and upholstery with tapestry prints. Tables with marble tops are good choices as well. White painted wicker furniture also complements a Victorian theme. However, don’t combine a wicker look with darker woods as doing so doesn’t mix well. Instead, use painted wicker with other furnishings that are painted or with antique furniture made of pine.

Keep the above ideas in mind when decorating in the Victorian style. They will make you appreciate the design just that much more.

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