5 Common Spanish Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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If you enjoy the rustic look, then the Spanish style is a good decorating option to incorporate into your apartment. Add to it bright colors, and you can achieve a nice balance of an old and new look, all at once. The Spanish style makes a room look rich, which could do wonders for any apartment that could use a makeover. Here are 5 common elements found in this decorating style:

1. Warm Walls

The walls in the apartment should be painted a neutral color that gives a warm feeling. Tan, light or dark brown are all good choices for paint. Stucco is another good option. Wallpaper can give you even more options, because you can add textured wallpaper to contribute to the look and feel of a “warm” room.

2. Bright Colored Furniture

To compliment the rustic feel of the room, the Spanish style makes use of bright colors in furniture and accessories. Blue is a popular choice, along with red or orange. There are ways to transform your current furniture to blue or any other bright color you choose. To save money, upholster the furniture you have, which means you may have to hire someone to help you if you don’t know how to do it. Do the same with couch pillows and other accessories in the room. Throws on couches and chairs is a cheaper alternative, and you can still achieve your goals for a Spanish style. You could sell the furniture you have and replace it to fit a Spanish style decor if you plan to stay with this theme for the long term.

3. Comfort

A common characteristic of the Spanish style is comfort. When decorating each room, think of the ways that you can make that room more comfortable, and stay away from formal style. For example, a dining room set should look more homey than strict and rigid. Even the style of chairs you use should look and feel comfortable, and little additions such as pillows can help with that.

4. Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your apartment, then you’ll have a great opportunity to enhance the Spanish style you want. Expose the hardwood floors throughout the home, and sparingly use rugs to cover them up, except in areas where you experience a lot of foot traffic. If you have hardwood floors underneath wall to wall carpet, it may be difficult to get your landlord’s permission to pull that up. However, you can still have a Spanish style decor using other elements.

5. Stone and Wrought Iron

To finish the Spanish style look, add pieces made of wrought iron, stone and terra cotta throughout your apartment. This gives authenticity to the look, and will spruce up the other elements you incorporate. For example, a candle holder on your mantle or end table made of wrought iron will make a difference to your decor. Pottery is another great option to add to your floors and tables.

With proper planning, you can appreciate the Spanish style in your home. These 5 common elements will get you off to a great start with this decorating theme.

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