5 Common French Country Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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The French country style decor in your apartment will remind you of southern France, day in and day out. Perhaps you’ve vacationed there and enjoyed the atmosphere so much that you want to incorporate it in your living space. Maybe you’re exploring your options for a decorating style that is casual and relaxing. The French country style is timeless, and the following 5 elements lead to a serene and peaceful environment:

1. Neutral Colors

Warm, neutral colors are key to creating a relaxed and casual environment when working with French country style decor. Stay away from bright colors, but choose earth tones for the same colors you want instead. For example, a golden yellow is preferable to a bright yellow, and so on.

2. Furniture

Hand-painted furniture is an element of the French country style decor that distinguishes it from other styles. You can find these for sale at antique and other furniture stores, locally or online. Typical designs on furniture include fruits, floral patterns and roosters. Anything that helps to create a country scene can be painted on the furniture to enhance the French country style.

Oak or pine wood are the primary choices for furniture. Some French country style themes emphasize a rustic look, whereas other decors look more refined. Determine which appeals to you and find furniture to match. Iron, metal and leather make nice accents to tables and chairs.

3. Printed Fabric

One element that is a must-have in French country style decor is the use of printed fabric. Whether it’s on tables, on top of chest of drawers, on chairs or hung on the walls, floral and other fabrics add the personal touch and feel of the French countryside. You might want to use fabric to upholster old furniture as well, to save you the expense of buying new chairs to fit this decorating style. Get creative and use printed fabric to create beautiful crafts to display.

4. Flowers

This is not a minor afterthought of this decorating style. It completes the look of the Provence that you’re trying to achieve with the French country style. Use either fresh or artificial flowers, or both, throughout the apartment. You don’t have to put them in glass vases; you could also use baskets or other containers. If real flowers are not an option because of allergies or they cost too much, use artificial flowers. That way, you can pick colors to match the decor, without worrying whether the perfect flowers you’ve chosen are in season.

5. Window Treatments

Some professionals advise the use of Roman shades that are tailor made. However, this may be too expensive for most renters. Solid colored drapes that extend to the floor space work well with the French country style. Try to find draperies with fringes and other accents to spruce up your windows, and to really give it the country style feel.

Bring rural France to your home by incorporating French country style elements into your apartment decor. It’s one of the best decorating styles if you want a laid back and easy to design theme.

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