5 Clever Places for Small Shelving

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Small shelving is essential for decorating and storage purposes, if you live in a small apartment. The good news is that you have many options for small shelving solutions. The trick is to know where to put them, in order to maximize the space you do have or to keep them out of reach.

1 – In the Corner

Tuck small shelving units in the corner, where two walls in the same room meet. You can have free standing shelves, or fasten them to the walls so that the shelves are in the middle of the corner. You can limit access to it by creating a barrier of couches or chairs. Choose shelving material that matches the decor of the room, so that it’s a decorating piece as well. Store DVDs, CDs, books and other items that belong in that room. You can also decorate the shelves with plants or flowers.

2 – Just Below the Ceiling

One way to keep your small shelving out of reach is to install them high on your walls, just below the ceiling. It may be inconvenient to access the items you need, so only store items that you don’t use often. Don’t store heavy items on these, because someone could get hurt if they fall due to an earthquake or other disaster. However, it’s a great place for small shelving when you have young children. They will never be able to reach it, and pets can’t jump on it.

3 – On the Staircase

Small shelving on staircases are great for decorative purposes. You can use it to store collectibles, books and other items that you want people to notice. You can store antiques, pottery, sculptures and plants at the ends of the shelves to enhance the appearance of the shelving unit and the staircase. Use wood, metal or any material that fits your decorating style. It’s the most accessible place to store your items, so you’ll have to make a decision if that’s the best place, depending on who you live with.

4 – Not in High Traffic Areas

A not so clever place for your small shelving is in the high traffic areas in your apartment. Avoid placing them against the wall that closest to doors and entryways. Someone will bump into it at some point and knock everything over. The shelves will wear out over time, and you risk destroying whatever is on them. Put them in the corner instead or anywhere that people won’t travel much.

5 – Laundry Area

It’s great when you have the ability to do laundry in your apartment. You’ll enjoy the benefits of having small shelving in your laundry area. Store basic laundry and ironing supplies on the shelves. You can also store miscellaneous items that you can’t fit anywhere else, such as kitchen items that you don’t have room for.

Take advantage of small shelving units that you can find at any store that sells home decor items. When you move, you can take them with you because they’re lightweight and easy to pack.

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