5 Cleaning Supplies Necessary for Every College Apartment

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When you work on your list of supplies for a college apartment, you’ll need to include cleaning supplies. Getting off campus to buy supplies on a regular basis can be a hassle if you don’t have your own transportation, and even if you do, it can be hard to fit it in your hectic schedule. It’s better to make one trip to area stores or shop online to get as much of what you need up front.

You can also save money by buying some supplies in bulk. Here are some cleaning supplies that are necessary for every college apartment:

1. Broom and Dustpan Set

You’re going to need a sturdy broom to sweep kitchen floors, hardwood and tile floors in your college apartment. Stay away from brooms with a plastic broom shaft, because they are cheap for a reason. They won’t last long, and are likely to break on you when you’re in the middle of sweeping. The same is true for a plastic dustpan, which tends to chip and break easily. A broom with a strong wood shaft is the best for durability and control when sweeping. Buy a metal dustpan if possible, because it will last longer.

2. Tornado Mop

When your non-carpeted floors get dirty you’ll need to clean them with a mop. There are many types of mops on the market, but you don’t want to get stuck with one that requires you to keep going back to the store to get new parts. For example, the Swiffer WetJet mop works great, but you have to keep buying pads for it, and you may not have the time or the funds for it.

Choose a tornado mop instead. Like a traditional mop with a yarn head, a tornado mop does a good job of cleaning the floors. It also has a wringer on the mop, so you can squeeze out the dirty water without the need to use a separate bucket and wringer.

3. Vinegar

There are so many cleaning purposes for vinegar, that it’s a necessary item for your college apartment. You should buy a gallon or two for the school year. You can add it to laundry to help eliminate odors and stains. Adding vinegar and water to a spray bottle surpasses regular window cleaners in performance and it’s also safer for indoor air quality. You an also use it mop floors.

4. Sponges

You’ll need as many sponges as you can get your hands on for a variety of cleaning tasks. Buy them in different lengths, thickness, colors and textures. Sponges that are rough on one side and smooth on the other are great for washing dishes or scrubbing the tubs. You can use soft sponges to clean spills on couches and fabric.

5. Mild Dishwashing Soap

Good quality dishwashing soap that’s mild can take the place of an all purpose cleaner in many cases. Many materials require the use of mild soap, and it’s good to have plenty on hand, not just for washing dishes. Harsh soaps can interact with the chemicals in some materials and cause fading or discoloration.

These items are must-haves for every college apartment. You can add other cleaning supplies based on your apartment needs.

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