5 Benefits of Owning a Storage Bed Frame

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To anyone who tends to move around frequently, a storage bed frame can seem like a terrible idea. However, there is actually more than one reason to go with this kind of setup for your bedroom, especially if you plan to stay in one place for a while. Take a look at all of the available options for bed frames that will fit your particular apartment or home needs and be able to move with you to a new location when necessary.

Some renters or homeowners who have chosen a storage bed frame will never go back to a regular “board and beam” type setup. Here are some of the top reasons people enjoy having a more permanent storage frame for a bed.

1. No Dust Bunnies

In lots of cases, a storage bed frame eliminates some of the need for the most difficult kinds of cleaning in a bedroom area. Those without a storage bed frame are familiar with the many ways that stuff can accumulate underneath a bed. It’s not just dust, either—lots of items get temporarily “lost” under the bed over time, which leads to yet another great reason for having a storage bed frame that goes all the way down to the floor. If you have a weak knee, do yourself a favor and look at storage bed frame designs that will keep unwanted debris out from under the bed and help out if “spring cleaning” isn’t really your forte.

2. A Classy Boudoir

Many wooden storage bed frames and similar designs add a touch of style to a bedroom. These can be good alternatives to fancy and expensive headboards. The “built in bed” isn’t just for storage: it’s a kind of distinct design choice for a room. Evaluate your overall furniture scheme to see if a floor-standing bed frame with drawers fits into the bigger picture for a space.

3. More “Closet Space”

The obvious advantage to a storage bed frame is the extra space it gives inhabitants. When your closets are brimming with clothes and other items, this innovation can help you manage your living area better.

4. Emergency Clutter Control

Another way a storage bed frame can help is when you just need some temporary space to get your bedroom clutter out of sight. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a permanent solution, but in one of those “10 minute cleanups” a storage frame can come in handy.

5. Stability for the Mattress

There’s also a more physical function for a storage bed frame or other floor standing frame type. Mattresses that accommodate larger sleepers may be under significant physical stress, and floor standing units are less likely to buckle, some way or otherwise give way than most conventional headboard type frames. This can help you avoid some potentially awkward or even dangerous accidents in the home. It’s a prime reason why some sleepers really prefer one of these more stable frame designs for their bedrooms.

Think about all of the above when you’re considering a storage bed frame for your bedroom.

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